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John Hogben
surgeon 1
of Ash next Sandwich, Kent 2
died circa 1725, (date will proved) 3
will dated 26 May 1721
and proved 22 March 1724/25, to Elizabeth Hogben, widow
In his will dated 1721, he names his wife as Elizabeth and
his four children as John, Edward, Elizabeth and Jane and
his mother as Elizabeth Hogben.



1701 -





c1716 -

children of John and Elizabeth Hogben

John Hogben 4 1701-circa 1781
surgeon (1760) 5
of Ash next Sandwich, Kent 6
born 1701 7
baptized 6 February 1700/01, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 8
died circa 1781, (date will proved)
will dated 2 December 1777
and proved 8 June 1781, to John Minter the surviving executor

Notes: In his will dated 1771 and probated 1785, he names his
wife as Ann Hogben and mentions a son-in-law John Cowell
of St. John in Thanet (present day Margate), and also a
granddaughter callled Sarah Hogben.

Thomas Minter in his will dated 1760 names John Hogben,
surgeon, of Ash as a trustee - I believe it is the same person.

I have recorded no marriage for him from the Ash transcripts,
nor did I apprently find any baptisms of his children - did I just
skip these entries or are they not there? IGI has the marriage
with Ann Bear and it also has, as 'member information, a son
for him named Edward Hogben, married to Sarah Petley with a
daughter Sarah Hogben baptised at Ash 23 Nov. 1761.
I will have to check the transcripts again!

 married 5 September 1727 Elmstone, Kent 9

Ann Bear

Edward Hogben born 1703
born 1703 10
baptized 6 December 1703, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 11

Notes: He had presumably died before
a brother was again named Edward in 1712.

Edward Hogben 12 born 1712
born 1712 13
baptized 30 November 1712, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 14

Stephen Hogben born 1714
born 1714 15
baptized 6 March 1713/14, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 16

Notes: He was not mentioned in the will
his father drew up in 1725 and had presumably
died before that date.

Elizabeth Hogben 17

Notes: Ash by Sandwich, Kent
Bishop's transcripts 1569-1906

1742/43 Jul 18 George Beal & Elizabeth Hogben by banns

 married 18 July 1743 Ash next Sandwich 18

George Beal

Jane Hogben circa 1716-circa 1745
born circa 1716
baptized August 1716, Ash next Sandwich, Kent
died circa September 1745
buried 12 September 1745, Ash next Sandwich, Kent
 married 14 August 1739 Ash next Sandwich

Thomas Minter 1713-1761
of Ash next Sandwich, Kent

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