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Bartholomeus Jansz Coopman 1
blacksmith 2
born Utrecht 3
He first appears at the Cape in 1688 at his marriage to Engeltje Cornelissen
van der Bout, one of the eight orphan girls from Rotterdam who arrived at the
Cape in March of that year.

In 1693 they are listed with three children although I can only find baptisms
of two up to this year, in 1695 with 4 children although only 3 baptisms to that
date. Would the other child be Allardus Bartholomeus Coopman?

Bartholomeus Jansz was recorded as a widower at his marriage in 1688.
There are two marriages in the Utrecht registers for a Bartholomeus Jansz and
several children baptised, but I have not been able to find one for Alardus.

In the monsterollen, dated 31 December 1695, there is a short list of free
labourers who are housed with others (Vrijknegten die bij anderen gehuijsvest
zijn). Bartholomeus Jansz Koopman is listed amonst these.

In 1700 he paid f.3 for the burial of a child (Malan, Ockert, Verlore Dokumentasie
oor die Gemeente Stellenbosh, in Capensis : Bartholomeus Koopman voor
een kind f.3

I cannot find any record of him after the 1705 muster roll.

married 11 October 1688 at Stellenbosch 4

( according to the church register entry,
he was a widower at the time of his marriage.)

Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout

1690 -

1691 -


Anna Maria

b. c1698




children of Bartholomeus Jansz Coopman and Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout

Annetie Coopman 1690-before 1698
born 1690 5
baptized 20 August 1690, Cape Town 6
died before 1698, (most probably) 7

Cornelis Koopman 1691-circa 1771
born 1691, at the Cape
baptized 24 October 1691, Cape Town
died circa 1771
 married (1)

Anna van de Caab 8 died before 1759
 married (2) 12 April 1761 Swartland

Catharijn Thomasse 9

Francina Coopman born 1694
born 1694, at the Cape
baptized 14 September 1694, Stellenbosch
 married 5 July 1709 Castle, Cape Town

Jacob Hendrikse

Anna Maria Coopman born 1695
born 1695, at the Cape
baptized 17 July 1695, Cape Town
 married 10 January 1712 Stellenbosch

Pieter Zaaijman

Catharina Coopman born circa 1698
born circa 1698, at the Cape
 married 22 September 1715 Stellenbosch

Simon Pieterse Plooij died circa 1733

Matien Coopman born 1700
born 1700 10
baptized January 1700, Stellenbosch 11

Johannes Coopman born 1701
born 1701 12
baptized 9 January 1701, Stellenbosch 13

Annetje Coopman born 1708
born 1708 14
baptized 4 March 1708, Cape Town 15

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