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Louis de Peronne 1
of Drakenstein 2
died circa 1696 3
In the muster rolls of 1692 he and Maria Lefebre are listed
with four children, probably resident in Drakenstein.

married 19 October 1692 at Stellenbosch 4

( this information from French Refugees at the Cape,
by C.G. Botha)

Marie le Febre
circa 1651-circa 1701


Maria Magdalena
b. c1696

children of Louis de Peronne and Marie le Febre

Bernadus de Peronne 5 born 1695
born 1695, (or earlier - assumed - see note above) 6

Notes: In the Muster Rolls of 1692, the year of her marriage to
Louis de Peronne, Maria le Febre is listed along with Louis de Pieromme
and four children. We know that four of her children born prior to that marriage
survived to adulthood so that I have assumed that when, in 1693 the couple is
still listed with four children, these are still her four children from previous
marriages, three Prevots and one Eekhof (see the notes with Marie Le Febre).

In the 1695 muster roll (no date, but likely taken at the end of the year) this
couple is listed with five children, a child presumably having been born to the
couple since 1693. The 26 January 1697.statement of accounts drawn up after
the death of Louis de Peronne, says that there were then two children of the
marriage. I have assumed therefore that one child was born before the muster
roll of 1695, say in 1694 or 1695, and that the second child was born most
probably during 1696. The children are not named.

Their names are given in the inventory of goods drawn up after Marie le Febre's
death in 1701 as: Abraham Pruvo, Elizabeth Pruvo, Anna Pruvo, Matthijs Hendrik
Eeckhout, Bernardus de Peronne and Maria de Peronne.

I have combined thes two pieces of information, taken the order of children as
given in that document and assumed that it was Bernardus who was born first
nd Maria second, but this is only an assumption.

Maria Magdalena de Peronne born circa 1696
born circa 1696, (assumed - see note to Bernardus above)
 married 25 December 1712 Stellenbosch

Jacob Mostert 7 died circa 1723
of on the Zoute Revier, behind the blauweberg

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