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Wemmer Pasman
Cornelia Kempenaar
died 1713
Margareta Pasman 1
born circa 1688, Stellenbosch 2
baptized 1 July 1693, Stellenbosch 3
In 1724 they were given permission to use 'the farm Twee Jonge Gezellen
for a period of one year'. This permission was renewd annualy until 1728
and they and their family apparently lived here until her husband's death
in 1729 and she seems to have continued on the farm until 1741.

(From: The Secluded Valley, by Anna Boeseken and Margaret Cairns,
Perskor, Cape Town, 1989. Page 93 - information based on records of
the Receiver of Land Revenue, RLR 6, 6.2.1724, no.19 and 10, 9.5.1741,
page 294)

It would seem from other (rather vague as published) evidence, that her two
sons Willem and Fredrik, lived with her and presumably helped run the farm.
Fredrik died in 1741, Willem was still living with her circa 1748. (see my
notes against these two) so the above data needs to be seen in relation to
this fact.

The family has been reconstructed from the Inventory drawn up after
his death in 1729 and the marriage and baptismal records of Cape Town,
Stellenbosch and Drakenstein Congregations.

married 31 July 1712 at Stellenbosch 4

Barent Burger
1692-before 1729
farmer 5
of Rodesant 6

1712 -

1714 -

1714 -

1716 -

b. c1719

children of Margareta Pasman and Barent Burger

Barent Burger 1712-before 1716
born 1712 7
baptized 9 September 1712, Stellenbosch 8
died before 1716 9

Notes: He presumably died before 1716
when another child was baptised Barent.

Willem Burger 1714-after 1748
born 1714 10
baptized 14 October 1714, Drakenstein 11
died after 1748 12

Notes: He was still living in September 1729
when he is listed as one of the heirs of his late
father in the Inventory signed 12 September 1729.

There are opgaaf returns for him dated 1731 (named
as Willem Burger j[unio]r, 1738 and 1741 (named as
Willem Burger B[arend]zoon) in all of which he is listed
as a single man with a horse two guns and blade (degen).
There is no listing after that date (computerised opgawen)

According to the CD Changing Hands produced by Robert
Shell, Cape Archives: 1 STB 13/31 pg 25-55 (Miscellaneious
Military Records), lists him as a single man living with
Margareta Pasman, widow (his mother). This transcribed
information seems to have been forced into an unsuitable
database format and comes with no key or explanation. It
is, therefore, rather confusing as evidence, but my guess is
that this is what is meant by that entry.

Fredrik Burger 1714-1745
born 1714 13
baptized 14 October 1714, Drakenstein 14
died 21 September 1745, Tulbagh 15

Notes: He was still living in September 1729
when he is listed as one of the heirs of his late
father in the Inventory signed 12 September 1729.

Barent Burger 1716-before 1719
born 1716 16
baptized 27 September 1716, Drakenstein 17
died before 1719, (probably) 18

Cornelia Burger born circa 1719
 married 19 February 1736 Drakenstein

Jan Lodwyk Bouwer

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