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Ralph Cockle 1
of Besthorpe, Norfolk (I assume)
his children's names largely overlap with those of the
contemporary Ralph Cockle of Attelborough.

married 5 December 1677 at Carleton Rode 2

Susan Spink

born & died





children of Ralph and Susan Cockle

Mary Cockle born & died 1678
born 1678
baptized 4 August 1678, Besthorpe 1
died August 1678
buried 9 August 1678, Besthorpe 3

John Cockle born 1679
baptized 27 December 1679, Besthorpe 4

Susan Cockle born 1681
baptized 26 March 1681, Besthorpe 5

Thomas Cockle born 1683
baptized 18 February 1682/83, Besthorpe 6

Ralph Cockle born 1685
baptized 3 May 1685, Besthorpe 7

Sources of the information on this page. In the references below, text in italics indicates direct quotes from the documents, three dots ... indicates that text has been omitted and square brackets [] indicate a difficulty in decipherment or missing text. For more details of these sources see the full source list for this family tree.

1Parish register - Besthorpe, Norfolk

1678 bap' Maria filia Radulphi Cockle et Susanna ux' Augustii die quarto

2Parish register - Carleton Rode - LDS parish register extraction A

IGI onlilne

Marriage: 5 Dec 1677 Carleton-Rode, Norfolk, England
Batch number: A458986

3Parish register - Besthorpe, Norfolk

sepul' Maria fil' Radulph Cockel et Susanna ux' Augustii decimo nono die

4As above

bapt' Johannes fillius Radolphi Cockell eodem die (ie 27 Dec 1679)

5As above

Anno Domini 1681Susanna filia Radolphi Cockell baptizata fuit vicesimo sexto die Martij 1681

6As above

1682 bap' Tho. the son of Ralph Cockell and Susan his wife bap Feb 18

7As above

1685 bap' Ralph son of Ralph Cockell baptised May the 3rd

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