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Tonis Symonsz. van der Piet 1
lock maker
of Broershuis Laen in 1586,
by 1622 in Molslaan
and in 1636 Rietveld, Delft
died 1636
buried 6 August 1636, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 3
He was from Cortrijk in Vlaanderen according to his marriage entry
in the Delft Ondertrouw book.

This family has been put together on the strength of their names
and patronymics and their appearance in the Delft church registers
as witnesses at baptisms - there is nothing cast-iron about any of it.

married (1) 5 July 1586 at Delft 4

Lysbetge Dircx

Simon Tonisz.

Dirck Tonisz.

Davit Tonisz.

Bastiaen Antonisz.

Willempge Teunis

Maertge Thonisdr.

married (2) 20 March 1622 at Delft 15

Duijfgen Crijnen

children of Tonis Symonsz. van der Piet and Lysbetge Dircx

Simon Tonisz. van der Piet 5
potter (plateelbakker) 6

Notes: Around 1621 Simon Toenis van der Piet of Delft, bought up the Tile
factory on the Schritsen ( corner of Raamstraat and Schritsen) in Harlingen,
Friesland, originally established by Steffen Gunter the elder in 1598.

Simon's wife, Maritgen Jansdr. van der Laan signed a contract in 1637 with
the tilemaker Adriaen Cornelis van Leeuwen from Delft, which required him
to move as speedily as possible to Harlingen where he was to spend a year
painting saucers and tiles for Van der Piet. The contract names prices as

'fijne schutters', 36 stuyvers per 100 stuks;
'slechte mannekes', 24 stuyvers per 100 stuks;
'slechte stien' (eenvoudige tegels), 16 stuyvers per 100 stuks;
'scheepjes of ruiters te paard', 2 gld. en 10 stuyvers per 100 stuks.

Van der Piet's pottery was not, however, a large concern. According to an
inventory of 1639 there were 2000 unbaked tiles. It seems likely that, at that
time, they were already usring red, yellow, green and deep yellow colouring
for their tiles, the traditional Harlinger colours.

In 1681 the factory was take over by Pytter Pytterse Grauda and Jan
Folekerts Grauda for 2200 gulden.

(information extracted and translated from:
De Geschiedenis van het Harlinger Aardewerk)

 married 24 August 1614 Delft 7

Maritgen Jans
born Brugge in Vlaenderen (her place of origina accordin to Delft church register)

Dirck Tonisz. van der Piet died 1660
died December 1660, Delft
buried 1 January 1661, Oude Kerk, Delft
 married (1) 22 December 1619 Delft

Ariaentgen Pleunis died 1655
of the Market Place, Delft at the time of her marriage
on the Coormarckt, Delft at her burial
 married (2) 31 May 1656 Delft

Ariaentgen Tijssen died 1670

Davit Tonisz. van der Piet 8 died 1667
blacksmith 9
died 1667, Delft
buried 12 January 1667, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 10

Notes: The Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is the only remaining factory of the
32 earthenware factories that were established in Delft in the 17th

"De Porceleyne Fles" (The Porcelain Jar) was founded in 1653 by
David Anthonisz v.d. Pieth, at the Oosteinde in Delft. After two years,
the factory passed into the hands of Wouter van Eenhoorn and
Quirinus van Kleijnoven.

(source: Royal Delft web site)

 married 17 July 1622 Delft 11

Gouwetge Jans

Bastiaen Antonisz. van der Piet 12
 married 19 April 1623 Delft 13

Jannitgen Adriaens

Willempge Teunis van der Piet

Notes: She was a witness to the baptism of Applonia, daugter of Dirck Tonisz
van der Piet and [Gerritge] Pleunen, 26th July 1624.

 married (1)

Pieter de Jager
 married (2) 11 October 1636 Oude Kerk, Delft 14

Claes Corneliszn. van der Back
born Rotterdam (given as his place of origin in the Delft register)

Maertge Thonisdr.

Isaack de Moer

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