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Martha La Febre 1
The estate accounts drawn up in 1714, after the death of Jacques, states
that there were seven surviving children by his second wife. There are
extant baptisms only for two of their children. Since we know that there
were only two children by the first wife, Esther Fouche, named Pieter and
Jacob, presumably any other Pienaars of this vintage must be the children
of Martha le Febre.

Maria must have married probably early 1717 since her first child was bap-
tised in December 1717. Four more children are listed in the Wees Kamer
Joernal of 1718: Jan Pinard, Salomon Pinard, Ester Pinard and Abel Pinard,
each with 105.9.- credited to them. Unfortunately the only earlier Joernaal
is that for 1699. Steeven Terreblanche appears in the 1717 list of people
responsible for sums of money.

As at 31 Dec 1727, Jan, Salomon and Abel were still on the Weeskamer
joernaalboek, each with 105.4.- and Steven ter Blanche is still listed, with
2535:12:- against his name.

married (1) 2 December 1713 at Stellenbosch 2

Steven Terre Blanche





(2) circa 1698 (assumed, based on baptism of first child) 11

Jaques Pinaard
died circa 1714







children of Martha La Febre and Steven Terre Blanche

Stephanus Ter Blanche born 1715
born 1715 3
baptized 10 March 1715, Drakenstein 4

Geertruijdt Ter Blanche born 1717
born 1717 5
baptized 5 December 1717, Drakenstein 6

Marta Ter Blanche born 1717
born 1717 7
baptized 5 December 1717, Drakenstein 8

Pieter Ter Blanche born 1721
born 1721 9
baptized 16 November 1721, Drakenstein 10

children of Martha La Febre and Jaques Pinaard

Ester Pinaard born 1706
born 1706 12
baptized 30 October 1706, Drakenstein 13

Marthe Pinaard born 1699
born 1699 14
baptized 23 August 1699, Drakenstein 15

Jan Pinaard

Salomon Pinaard

Abel Pinaard

Maria Pinaard 16

Anthonie Nortje

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