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Johannes Cornelisz Uijs
Daantje Rijker
died circa 1725
Cornelis Jansz Uijs 1
born 1671 2
baptized 3 July 1671, Amsterdam 3
died before 1716 4
He and his wife are found living in the Cape District at the muster
roll of 1700: p. 205 Cornelis Jansse Huijs & Dirkje Mattijse Westerh[ ],
the muster roll of 1701 lists them with two children (VC 49, page 15)

The last time that Cornelis Jansz Uijs appears in the muster roll is the
end of 1714. It seems that by the date of the next muster roll, 31 April
1716, he had died.

married 26 January 1698 at Leiden, Pieterskerk 5

Dirkje Matthijse Westerhout
died circa 1714

Dirk Cornelisz



children of Cornelis Jansz Uijs and Dirkje Matthijse Westerhout

Dirk Cornelisz Uijs
born Leyden
 married 15 November 1722 Stellenbosch

Dina le Roux

Elisabeth Uijs born 1703
born 1703, at the Cape
baptized 25 October 1703, Cape Town
 married 26 April 1722 Cape Town

Gerrit Mos

Maria Uijs born 1710
born 1710, at the Cape
baptized 21 September 1710, Cape Town
 married 12 August 1729 Cape Town

Johannes Möller 6 circa 1685-1762
farmer (1723)
of beyond the Berg River

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