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James Fysh
Ann Vincent
circa 1763-1835
Henry Fysh
born 1806
Elizabeth Hipkin
born circa 1805
John Hipkin Fysh 1
general labourer (1881)
of West Winch
born circa 1840, Gaywood, Norfolk 2
Information for this family comes from the 1861 and 1871 census
as transcribed in the Fysh Collection in the Norfolk Family History
Society's Library in Norwich and from the 1881 census.

John Hipkin Fysh has been assumed, because of the name, to be the
same person as the John Fysh, son of Henry and Elizabeth Fysh who
appears in the 1851 census, because Elizabeth's name was Hipkin.

In 1861 the family was living in Gaywood but by 1871 they had moved
to West Winch.


born circa 1840

John R.
b. c1860

Mary E
b. c1863

Rose E
b. c1865

b. c1866

b. c1868

b. c1869

Arthur Ed.
b. c1870

William Hy.
b. c1875

b. c1876

Esther Ann
b. c1878

children of John Hipkin and Susanna Fysh

John R. Fysh born circa 1860
born circa 1860, Gaywood, Norfolk 3

Notes: not mentioned in the 1881 census

Mary E Fysh born circa 1863
born circa 1863, Gaywood, Norfolk 4

Rose E Fysh born circa 1865
born circa 1865, Gaywood, Norfolk 5

Louisa Fysh born circa 1866
domestic servant (1881)
of Field Lane, Gaywood, Norfolk
born circa 1866, West Winch, Norfolk 6

Louise Fysh born circa 1868
born circa 1868, Gaywood, Norfolk 7

Frances Fysh born circa 1869
born circa 1869, West Winch, Norfolk 8

Arthur Ed. Fysh born circa 1870
born circa 1870, West Winch, Norfolk 9

William Hy. Fysh born circa 1875
born circa 1875, Gaywood, Norfolk 10

Ethel Fysh born circa 1876
born circa 1876, Gaywood, Norfolk 11

Esther Ann Fysh born circa 1878
born circa 1878, Gaywood, Norfolk 12

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