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Thomas Fish
died after 1762
died after 1762
unknown Low
Thomas Fysh
circa 1745-1821
Elizabeth Low
circa 1749-1802
John Fysh
carpenter (1841) 1
of 17 Upper John Street, Islington 2
born 1789 3
baptized 1 May 1789, Clenchwarton, Norfolk 4
died 14 April 1875, Islington, London 5
information for this family from the 1841 census extracts by the
late John P.G. Fysh of Croydon, now deposited with the Norfolk
Family History Society in the Fysh collection of material; from
Stephanie Fysh of Toronto; and from various parish register
extracts from the online IGI site of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

In the census returns for 1841 John Fysh is listed without his
wife and with all his children except for the four eldest.

John P.G.Fysh says of him: John Fysh's name does not appear
in any London directory. Thus presumably he never had his own
business but may have worked as a master carpenter on one of
the many building developments of the time. He left no will, so
possibly he had little or no worldly goods to dispose of.

(from: A Fysh Family in London ... by J.P.G. and A.V.G.A. Fysh,
in The Norfolk Ancestor, no.2, part 1, June 1980)

married 19 August 1817 at St. George, Hanover Square, London 6

Charlotte Fleet

Emma Charlotte
1818 -

Jane Caroline
1820 -


John Alfred
1825 -

b. c1827

John Alfred
1828 -

Charles Samuel

Edward Thomas

Elizabeth Milward
1833 -

Philip Oakley
1835 -

Frederick Lewis

children of John and Charlotte Fysh

Emma Charlotte Fysh 7 1818-1875
teacher 8
born 1818
baptized 25 October 1818, New Road Tonbridge Independent, Saint Pancras, London, England
died 5 September 1875, Friern Barnet 9

Jane Caroline Fysh 1820-1856
born 1820
baptized 3 September 1820, New Tonbridge Road Independent, St Pancras, London
died 1856
 married 1845 Union Chapel, Islington

Wiliam John Barlow
clerk at Somerset House (1845)

Eliza Fysh 10 born 1822
baptized 14 July 1822, New Road Tonbridge Independent, Saint Pancras, London, England

John Alfred Fysh 11 1825-before 1828
born 1825
baptized 3 April 1825, New Road Tonbridge Independent, Saint Pancras, London, England
died before 1828

Notes: This child presumably died before 1828 when another John Alfred
was baptized.

Harriott Fysh 12 born circa 1827
dressmaker (1851) 13
of Eastbourne 14
born circa 1827, Islington, London 15
baptized 2 March 1828, New Road Tonbridge Independent, Saint Pancras, London, England

Notes: The story that is told is that she came out to Australia on the 'Fatima',
captained by William Hardie, and married him here before returning
to England.

The Ship List on RootsWeb supports Hardie as captain of the Fatima
in 1854. The Unassisted Shipping index at PROV shows a Miss Fysh
of the right age (25) as travelling on the Fatima. The index entry for
the marriage (I haven't got the full entry) shows Harriet Fysh, born
1828, London, marrying William Hendon Hardie 1854 and lists Harriet's
parents as John and Charlotte Fleet.

The above comes from Paul Piko from Macleod, Australia, and he
notes further: Is the Mrs Fysh is the wife to the Mr Fysh?
There is still a lack of facts here ...

What Harriet did after (the death of her husband) is not known and no
clue as to how she managed to support herself and her family comes
to light until 1875 when she registered the death of her father. On the
death certificate, she is shewn as having an address in Eastbourne.

Reference to an Eastbourne directory for l874 revealed that she was
keeping a boarding house there, but she was not found at that address
in the l871 census.

It is not known what became of her son who may have died young, as
he is not mentioned in any family wills. Of the three daughters, only one
married. The youngest daughter lived on to a ripe old age, dying in 1942.

(from: A Fysh Family in London ... by J.P.G. and A.V.G.A. Fysh, in
The Norfolk Ancestor, no.2, part 1, June 1980)

 married 1854 Victoria, Australia 16

William Henderson Hardie died 1860
died 20 February 1860, in the wreck of the SS Hungarian on the coast at Cape Sable 17

John Alfred Fysh 18 1828-1871
stockbroker's clerk (1871) 19
of 11 Willow Cottages, Islington 20
born 1828, Islington, London 21
baptized 3 August 1828, New Road Tonbridge Independent, Saint Pancras, London, England
died 1871, Weston-super-Mare 22

Notes: it seems clear that both he and his wife were kindly people. Harriet
had at least one of her babies in their home. Furthermore, John, in
his will, of which his wife was executrix, so presumably she did not
object to its terms, made generous provision for 'my little friend',
the possibly illegitimate daughter of their former maidservant.

(from: A Fysh Family in London ... by J.P.G. and A.V.G.A. Fysh, in
The Norfolk Ancestor, no.2, part 1, June 1980)

 married 20 June 1853 St. Stephen, Islington 24

Ann Young 23 born circa 1801
born circa 1801, Islington, London 25

Charles Samuel Fysh born 1831
born 29 March 1831
baptized 8 October 1832, Union Chapel, Islington

Mary Ann Luke 26

Edward Thomas Fysh 27 born 1831
stockbroker's clerk (1851) 28
born 29 March 1831, Islington, London 29
baptized 8 October 1832, Union Independent, Islington, London, England

Notes: Edward Thomas Fysh stayed in England. He handled the English side
of the business run by his younger brother, Philip Oakley Fysh. At any
rate, he died a comparatively wealthy man.

He married in 1852 a Scottish girl who lived not far away from the Fysh
[but] there appear to have been no children from this marriage, which
ended on the death of the wife in l891.

Less than a year later, Edward Thomas remarried. His second bride
was the daughter of a chemist whose shop was almost next door to
Harriet's boarding house [in Eastbourne, presumbly].

The second marriage produced one son, Charles Edward Fysh, who
served with great distinction in World War I.

It appears that he was a student at university before the war and
served in the Officers Training Corps. On the outbreak of war, he was
drafted to the 51st Highland Division, and became an officer in the 1/6
Seaforth Highlanders. He fought in France, was severely wounded in
Hay 1916, and was killed in action on the Marne on 28 July 1918 while
holding the rank of acting Lieutenant Colonel. He was awarded the
M C in Nay 1917, a bar to the M C in March 1918, and the D S 0 in April
1918. He was also mentioned in despatches in December 1918

He was only twenty three years old when he died, seventeen months
after his marriage in Melrose to Helen Flora Jane MacDougall of
Grantown-on-Spey. She lived on, a widow, till I960. They seem to have
had no children.

(from: A Fysh Family in London ... by J.P.G. and A.V.G.A. Fysh,
in The Norfolk Ancestor, no.2, part 1, June 1980)

 married 5 August 1852 Union Chapel, Islington 30

Jane Square

Elizabeth Milward Fysh 31 1833-1895
born 7 April 1833, Islington, London 32
baptized 27 September 1833, Union Independent, Islington, London, England
died 1895 33

Notes: in 1858 she became the second Mrs William John Barlow. This sensible
arrangement for the care of a motherless child by its aunt was not at
that time permitted by [the English] law, so it is a bit surprising that
William, who was soon to become a superintendent registrar of births
and who was thus well aware of the legal position, should in such cir-
cumstances have transgressed by marrying Elizabeth.

When William died at the age of 54 the family was resident in Barnet.
The money William left was clearly insufficient for his wife and
daughter to live on, so Elizabeth seems to have taken the one course
open to impecunious women at that time - she remarried.

On the occasion of this second marriage, to James Hewett, a retired
Admiralty Clerk, the facts relating to her first marriage had to be re-
vealed, no doubt to her embarrassment. The ceremony took place at
the Superintendent Registrar's office at Upton-on-Severn and poor
Elizabeth had to describe herself as a spinster, married to William John
Barlow, but not legally, and to sign the register as E M Fysh alias Barlow.

Elizabeth died in l895, her niece having predeceased her by about two
years. Her husband lived on till 1919.

(from: A Fysh Family in London ... by J.P.G. and A.V.G.A. Fysh, in
The Norfolk Ancestor, no.2, part 1, June 1980)

 married (1) 11 September 1858 East Barnet Parish Church 34

Wiliam John Barlow
clerk at Somerset House (1845) 35
 married (2) 4 September 1878 Upton upon Severn 36

James Hewett
retired Admiralty Clerk 37

Philip Oakley Fysh 1835-1919
born 1 March 1835, Islington, London
baptized 27 September 1835, Union Independent, Islington, London, England
died 19 December 1919, Hobart, Tasmania
 married 1856 London

Esther Kentish Willis 1833-1912

Frederick Lewis Fysh born 1837
born 13 February 1837
baptized 25 June 1837, Union Chapel, Islington

Maria Luke 38 1839-1919

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