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Frederic Kendle
born circa 1820
Mary Fysh
born 1815
Frederic Wellesley Kendle
born 1852
Freda Joyce Kendle
born 28 July 1888 1
died 2 November 1937, Melbourne, Australia 2
Freda Joyce Kendle's brother, George (Bob) Kendle, had settled in New
Zealand in around 1910 to farm in the Napier district, North Island.

She and her husband, Ralph Picot, travelled to New Zealand to see Bob
and have a 2nd honeymoon. They liked the warm climate and work op-
portunities and decided to stay. Ralph had been a bank clerk in North
Devon - he worked in Napier as a clerk with Nelson Brothers meat
processing company.

Sergeant Bob Kendle (NZ Infantry Force) was killed on the first day of
the ANZAC landing, so one of the incentives for the Picots staying in
New Zealand was gone. After the war, Ralph responded to a newspaper
advert for manager of a meat processing company in Ballarat, Victoria,
Australia. He applied and won the job.

(information: John Picot of Canberra, Australia)

married 24 December 1912 at South Molton, North Devon (probably) 3

Ralph Joshua Picot

George Robert

Wellesley Kendle


children of Freda Joyce and Ralph Joshua Picot

George Robert Picot born 1914
born 26 June 1914, New Zealand 4

Joyce Allander

Wellesley Kendle Picot born 1917
born 30 January 1917, Hastings, New Zealand
 married 2 August 1941 Ballarat, Australia

Jean Frances Strange 1919-1998

Terry Picot born 1924
born 5 January 1924, Ballarat, Australia 5

Jean Ballanger

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