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William Reid
born 3 May 1848, Montgreenan, Ayreshire, Scotland
died 7 August 1928, Perth, Tas, Astl
buried 9 August 1928, St Andrews Cem, Perth, Tas, Astl
Refer notes John REID for immigration details.

(DLR 11/91) William REID was only fifteen years old when his father died in 1863. Little is known of his movements from then until hismarriage to Mary Jane FOOKES at Perth in October 1872. (RGD 37/1872/471) From then the family can be followe d by reference to the birthplaces of their children and also the Electoral Rolls. The family lived at Perth, where the first three children were born, at least until 1876. The registration of the first child describes father William as "Miller " of New River Mill. The next child (John Barclay REID) was born in Hobart in 1879 but I do have been unable to find why this one birth took place in the south of the state. Another four children were born in Deloraine between 1881 and 1886 wit h the last being born in Longford in 1889.

William is shown on the 1875 Electoral Roll as the occupier of the "Perth Mill" owned by F. J. Houghton. Shown on the 1883 Roll as the occupier of a house in Deloraine owned by W. Bramich. He is later listed at 9 Innes Street, Launceston (1914 ) and 44 Kelly Street, Battery Point (1915-1916). Other family members (Eleanora and Emily are also listed) William and Mary Jane are listed in 1917 at "Main Street" Perth and William is listed alone in 1925 at "Drummond Street" Perth.
In the Von Stieglitz book "Longford - past & present" William is described as a principal miller employed by Thomas Affleck.
All of the above fits the family movements as told to me by Jack Breheny and others. According to my research William was a miller for Houghton at Perth, had a bakery at Deloraine where he also acted as a miller, worked for Affleck at the Newr y mill Longford until it was destroyed by fire when he moved into the Longford town to the Affleck mill. He later worked for Monds Affleck in Launceston and Gibsons in Hobart. The couple retired to Perth where the Breheny family had a farming pr operty. Jack Breheny believes William also spent some time at the Supply River mill on the Tamar. It is important to remember that
William and Mary Jane REID spent their retirement years close to the BREHENY family when the BREHENY children were growing up.
(DLR 6/92) Reference to "Deloraine's Industrial Heritage: A Survey" by Jill Cassidy for the Q.V. Museum (1986 P28) names William REID as a Baker who occupied a Bakery owned by BRAMICH in Emu Bay Road, Deloraine from 1881 to 1884 when he was "forc ed into the bankruptcy court". The Hobart Gazette lists proceedings for "liquidation by arrangement" over a thirteen month period as follows:

Notification of first meeting of creditors on 9th October 1884 at the offices of Norman & Croft (Solicitors for William REID) in Launceston. . Notification of appointmnent of Mr Henry BLOCH, storekeeper of Deloraine as executor , advising creditors to lodge claims and debtors to pay outstanding amounts to Henry BLOCH as executor. . Notification to creditors to prove debts and lodge claims by 14th November 1885 or be excluded from the proposed
dividend. I have found no further record indicating the amount of dividend paid.
Birth: Date & place from notes left by his wife Mary Jane Fookes (photocopy held by DLR)

Burial: St Andrews Register (AOT)

married 24 October 1872 at St Andrews, Perth, Tas, Astl 1

Mary Jane Fookes

Samuel Berjew Fookes
1884 -

children of William and Mary Jane Reid

Samuel Berjew Fookes Reid 1884-1963
born 1 August 1884, Deloraine, Tas, Astl
died 15 May 1963, Christchurch Public Hosp, Christchurch, NZ
buried 20 May 1963, Temuka Domain Cem, Sth Canterbury, NZ
 married 1907 Launceston, Tas, Astl

Edith Caroline Fysh born 1876

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