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Cornelis Knoetsen
farmer 1
of a farm near the Bergh Rivier 2
died circa 1716 3
On 2nd August 1696 Cornelis Goorsen, free farmer at Drakenstein,
and Marcus Fick, soldier, signed a contract whereby Fick would
work as Goorsen's farm hand for one year. This contract was
renewed in 1698. (source: Cape Archives: CJ 2872, 135)

married circa 1696 4

Dirkje Helmes
born circa 1681

1697 -









children of Cornelis Knoetsen and Dirkje Helmes

Geertruij Knoetsen 1697-1761
born 1697
baptized 11 November 1697, Drakenstein
died 18 June 1761, Drakenstein
 married (1) circa 1715 most probably Drakenstein

Jan Grobbelaar 5 born circa 1681
farmer (1735)
of Landskroon, Drakenstein
 married (2) 3 June 1736 Stellenbosch

Jan Jurgen Herman 6 born circa 1681
soldier in the employ of the VOC (1736)

Coert Knoetsen 7

Notes: He is listed in the muster roll of 1733
as a single man. VC 50, page 33.

Johannes Knoetsen born 1702
born 1702 8
baptized 7 May 1702, Stellenbosch 9

Notes: He is listed in the muster roll of 1733
as a single man. VC 50, page 31.

Persoonsgegevens van Johannes Knoets
Herkomst: De caab
Rang: Matroos
Datum einde verbintenis: 07/06/1743
Einde verbintenis: Laatste vermelding
Plaats einde verbintenis: Azie

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Huis te Rensburg Inventarisnr.: 12986
Kamer: Zeeland Folio: 89
Uitreis: 22/05/1741 Bestemming: Ceylon
DAS- en reisnr 3215.3 Aankomst: 18/04/1742
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

Catharina Knoetsen born 1704
born 1704 10
baptized 1704, Drakenstein 11

Gerrit Knoetsen 12 born 1706
born 1706 13
baptized 11 July 1706, Drakenstein 14

Notes: This child is clearly recorded in the Drakenstein
baptismal register as 'Geertruij' but it to me it seems most
likely that this was a mistake of the scribe and that the child
baptised was, in fact, Gerrit Knoetsen. In the list of the
Knoetsen wards of the Weeskamer, 1727, he is listed, with
his brothers and sisters, and comes between Catarijn and
Maria Coressen. (Cape Archives: MOOC 18/4).

He is listed in the muster roll of 1733 as a single man.
VC 50, page 21.

Maria Knoetsen born 1708
born 1708 15
baptized 25 November 1708, Stellenbosch 16

Lijsbet Knoetsen born 1711
born 1711 17
baptized 25 May 1711, Stellenbosch 18

Alletta Knoetsen born 1713
born 1713 19
baptized 20 August 1713, Stellenbosch 20

Willemina Knoetsen born 1716
born 1716 21
baptized 9 February 1716, Drakenstein 22

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