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Charles Bendle
born 21 July 1841, Victoria Pl, Carlisle
died 20 November 1908, Vic

Another relative "Henry Bendle " witnessed the wedding as did his sister in law Mary Fysh

Migrated on "Gulf of Venice" in 8/1884 to Victoria. A ship of 2923 tons built in 1883 for the Greenock SS Co, for the transportation of passengers to Aust. In 1902 she was sold to Furness Withy & Co. In 1913 she was again sold this time to Vincenzo Sabia of Naples & renamed Anna. As a migrant ship she was used thru the Suez Canal or around South America.

Buried in Boroondara Cemetery C3302

In 1881 census was living @ 14 Church Rd Hackney. Working as a solicitor. Was 39 , wife Mary 26, Charles R 2, Mary E 2/12 & 3 servants

married 18 April 1878 at St Paul's Canonbery, Islington, Middlesex, UK

Mary Fysh

Charles Robert
1879 -

Una Mary Elizabeth

Harold Scotby
1882 -

Arthur Dobinson
1883 -

children of Charles and Mary Bendle

Charles Robert Bendle 1879-1896
born 1879, Islington, London UK
died 1896, Melbourne Hospital

Notes: Migrated to Aust On " Gulf Of Venice " in 1884

Una Mary Elizabeth Bendle born 1881
 married 1900 Vic

Michael Keenan born circa 1880

Harold Scotby Bendle 1882-1932
born 16 June 1882, Hackney, England, UK
died 28 November 1932, 20 Newry St, Richmond, Vic
 married 6 September 1905 112 Highett St, Richmond

Laura Isabel Coppin 1885-1970

Arthur Dobinson Bendle 1883-1960
born 16 November 1883, Islington , London
died 14 July 1960, 102 Raglan St, Preston,Vic
 married 26 August 1911 Parsonage of Congretational Church,97 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Vic

Ellen Mary Greenwood 1888-1937

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