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William Kemp
Katherine Munro
James Stuart
Catherine Gordon
James Kemp
born 1790
Ann Stuart
born 1795
James Kemp
plumber (1861)
of 39 Portugal Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow
born 1817, Aberdeen
baptized 16 August 1817, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
died 1895
married 18 December 1842 at Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Margaret Murray

1843 -

born 1845

Andrew Murray
born 1848

born 1849

Ann Stewart
born 1851

Jane Smith
born 1853

Elizabeth Bisset
born 1856

1858 -

Jessie Bullock
1860 -

born 1863

Agnes Liddell
born 1864

children of James and Margaret Kemp

James Kemp 1843-1916
born 1843
died 1916

Agnes Farquhar 1849-1917

Margaret Kemp born 1845
born 23 December 1845, Edinburgh
 married 10 June 1866 at Glasgow

David Hair born 1843
cooper (1873)
of Livingstone Village

Andrew Murray Kemp born 1848
born 1848
baptized 5 January 1848, Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Catherine Kemp born 1849
born 1849, Peterhead, Aberdeen

William Munro born 1852

Ann Stewart Kemp born 1851
born 1851, Peterhead, Aberdeen

John Moffat
Cashier in Flax & Jute Mill (1881)
of 9 Windsor Street, Barrow in Furness, Lancashire

Jane Smith Kemp born 1853
born 12 December 1853, Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Elizabeth Bisset Kemp born 1856
born 22 January 1856, Milton, Glasgow

Christina Kemp 1858-1894
born 3 February 1858, Hutchesontown, Glasgow
died 20 March 1894, 17 Neilstow Road, Paisley

Notes: she died from complications following childbirth

(source: Scottish Civil Registers of Death)

 married 28 December 1882 at Paisley

Robert Landess
journeyman blacksmith (1890)
of 6 Glenview Terrace, Neilstow Road, Paisley

Jessie Bullock Kemp 1860-1914
born 6 June 1860, Hutchesontown, Glasgow
died 5 June 1914, Burwell

Notes: with regard to the name Bulloch/Bullock, the name on the gravestone in Burwell churchyard is Jessie Bulloch Ball and the baptismal record in the IGI also says Jessie Bulloch Ball
The gravestone gives her birth date as June 1862

 married 1 June 1898 at St. Joan's Parish Church, Longsight, Manchester

Frederick Eustace Ball 1869-1932
of Knodishall Hall, Knodishall, Suffolk

John Kemp born 1863
born 3 July 1863, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Agnes Liddell Kemp born 1864
born 28 July 1864, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

The names of the people in the Kemp family   |  The surnames in the Kemp family tree  |   The sources from which the Kemp information is drawn |  
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