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This Killick family is really a connection of the Thwaites family of Hastings. I have had a number of enquiries about the family of Arthur Killick and Elizabeth Thwaites that appeared in the Thwaites family tree so, with the information provided by Madeline Bing (born Killick) and Robert Riley (whose wife is descended from this Killick family) I have put together this Killick family tree.

see: Solomon Killick (1814-1878), blacksmith of Barns Green, Itchingfield, Sussex

In the 1400s Killicks were well established around Horley, Nutfield and Bletchingley. They spread a few miles into West Kent and down into North Sussex. If you have used Gatwick airport this is the area we are talking about.

In 1881 the vast majority were still in these three counties. They were mainly tenant farmers until the nineteenth century when they followed other occupations. Some, of course, sought a better life in Australia, America, Canada and a few in Africa.

Variants of the name Killick:

most are obvious:- Kilick, Killike, etc - an old one is Kyllyck.

Kellock seems to be a Scottish version and in the 1881 census index every instance of this variation in England showed birth in Scotland. There are some in Suffolk and Essex.

Garlick is a separate name except in a few cases. One family of Garlick in East Anglia moved to Surrey (the Killick homelands) and the vicar used the name he knew - suddenly that family became Killick!

The above introduction was written by Madeline Bing,

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