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Frederik Botha
died before 1719
Maria Kickers
Christoffel Snijman
died circa 1706
Margaretha Theresia de Savoy
died circa 1742
Theunis Botha
1686-circa 1746
Maria Magdalena Snijman
died 1723
Christoffel Botha Theunisz: 1
of d'Eendragt, beyond the Breede River 2
born 1713 3
baptized 11 February 1713, Stellenbosch 4
died circa September 1764 5
Details of his children come from the inventories of Ester
Potgieter, 1737, Catharina Blom, 1762, the Estate Accounts
of Christoffel himself, 1766, and the inventory of Jacobus
Botha Christoffelsz:, 1776.

All the children except Petrus Christoffel and Jacobus were
still living in 1776.

married (1) 10 October 1733 at Drakenstein 6

Ester Potgieter
died circa 1737


Maria Magdalena
1736 -

(2) circa 1738 (or later - assumed)

Catharina Blom
died 1762

Petrus Christoffel

Pieter Barendsz:

b. c1744

c1744 -

Philip Rudolff
b. c1748

Maria Catharina
b. c1749

Theunis Christoffel
b. c1751

Maria Louisa
b. c1754

Susanna Elizabeth
b. c1756

Agatha Geertruijd
b. c1759

Johanna Christina
b. c1761

children of Christoffel Botha and Ester Potgieter

Theunis Botha born 1734
born 1734 7
baptized 18 July 1734, Drakenstein 8

Notes: He was still living at the date of his mother's
death (February 1737) but he is mentioned as being
deceased in a note dated 16th March 1765 in the
Estate Accounts drawn up after his father's death,
where it would appear that he had died before his

Maria Magdalena Botha 1736-circa 1775
born 1736
baptized 5 February 1736, Drakenstein
died circa 1775, (date of inventory)

Schalk Willem du Toit 9 1743-circa 1814
farmer (between 1775 and 1777)
of Artoys, Land van Waveren

children of Christoffel Botha and Catharina Blom

Petrus Christoffel Botha born 1738
born 1738 10
baptized 10 August 1738, Drakenstein 11

Notes: Presumably died before 1741 when another
brother was named Pieter. Certainly not mentioned in
the inventory of his mother's estate in August 1762.

Pieter Barendsz: Botha 12 born 1741
born 1741 13
baptized 29 December 1741, Drakenstein 14

Christoffel Botha born circa 1744
born circa February 1744 15
baptized 22 March 1744, Drakenstein 16

Notes: Not mentioned in the inventory of his mother's estate
in August 1762 so he had presumably died before that date.

Jacobus Botha 17 circa 1744-circa 1776
born circa 1744 18
died circa July 1776, (date of Estate Sale) 19

Notes: At the time of his death he had no wife or
children and his estate was divided amongst his brothers
and sister.

Philip Rudolff Botha 20 born circa 1748
born circa 1748 21

Maria Catharina Botha 22 born circa 1749
born circa 1749 23

Pieter du Toit Fransz: 24

Theunis Christoffel Botha 25 born circa 1751
born circa 1751 26

Maria Louisa Botha 27 born circa 1754
born circa 1754 28

Johannes Louw Pietersz: 29

Susanna Elizabeth Botha 30 born circa 1756
born circa 1756 31

Agatha Geertruijd Botha 32 born circa 1759
born circa 1759 33

Jonas van Bergen 34

Johanna Christina Botha 35 born circa 1761
born circa January 1761 36

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