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Harmen Jansz Potgieter
died circa 1706
Beeletje Frederiksz
died circa 1711
Hans Jurgen Potgieter 1
of Bruijntjes Rivier, on the Klip Rivier 2
born 1690 3
baptized 16 July 1690, Stellenbosch 4
died circa June 1737, (assumed from date of inventory) 5
The inventory drawn up on the 12th July 1737, after his death,
states that they had three loan farms, one named 'De Bruijntjes
Rivier' situated on the Kliprivier, where the widow was currently
living, one named 'Het Voerhuijs' also on the Kliprivier, and one
named 'De Valse Rivier' situated beyond the Palmiet River.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 31 March 1720 at Drakenstein 6

Cornelia Botha
1697-circa 1754








Hans Jurgen

children of Hans Jurgen Potgieter and Cornelia Botha

Harmanus Potgieter 7 born 1721
born 1721 8
baptized 15 July 1721, Drakenstein 9

Martha Potgieter 10 born 1722
born 1722 11
baptized 15 September 1722, Drakenstein 12

Elsje Potgieter 13 born 1726
born 1726 14
baptized 3 February 1726, Drakenstein 15

Sijbilla Potgieter 16 born 1727
born 1727 17
baptized 14 September 1727, Drakenstein 18

Catharina Potgieter 19 born 1731
born 1731 20
baptized 2 December 1731, Drakenstein 21

Maria Potgieter 22 born 1731
born 1731 23
baptized 2 December 1731, Drakenstein 24

Jacobus Potgieter 25 born 1734
born 1734 26
baptized 14 September 1734, Drakenstein 27

Hans Jurgen Potgieter 28 born 1736
born 1736 29
baptized 15 April 1736, Drakenstein 30

# The parents of Hans Jurgen Potgieter

I have assumed that the Hans Jurgen Potgieter who married
Cornelia Botha was the same as the Hans Jurgen P son of
Beeletje Frederiksz and Harmen Jansz Potgieter, though I can
find no evidence other than the identity of names. Where there
are baptismal witnesses for their children they are either
unrelated or from the Botha side. We do know Hans Jurgen was
still living when his mother died in 1711.

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