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Pieter Christiaansz de Jager 1
born Zutphen 2
died circa March 1715, (date of inventory) 3
Drakenstein, page 13
Le 25.Octobre, 1699
Marie hanna fille de Pierre Rassemus
et de Marie Elisabet Le temoins et Pierre
Christiaan de Jaager, Tremena de Jaager Wal

married (1) 19 February 1696 at Cape Town 4

Ermina Karelse
died 1713

1696 -


Carel Pietersz:
1699 -

1701 -

1703 -

Anna Margareta
1706 -

1709 -


married (2) 15 July 1714 at Stellenbosch 28

Ariaantje Gerritsdr. Willemsz
died 1719 29
At her marriage to Pieter Christiaansz she is named as Ariaantje
Gerritsd[ogte]r; in the estate inventory drawn up after his death
in 1715 she is called Ariaantje Jansz; at her second marriage,
where she is specifically stated to have been the widow of Pieter
Christiaansz, her name is given as Johanna de Vries; but at the
baptisms of her own children she is named as Ariaantie Willemsz.

Why one woman should have had so many mistakes made as to
her name one cannot say, but Ariaantje Gerritsdogter and
Ariaantje Willemsz could well have been the same person, if she
were a daughter of Gerrit Willemsz. At the baptism of Arriantje's
first child in 1717, the baptismal witness was Luijtje Willemsz,
eldest daughter of Gerrit Willemsz van Leeuwaarden and Maria

And Ariaantje herself was witness at the baptisms of two of
Luitje Willemsz's children.

Although named as Ariaantie Jansz in the Estate Inventory drawn
up after the death of her first husband, and as Johanna de Vries
in the marriage register at second marriage, her name seems to
have been Ariaantie Willemsz, judging from the baptismal records
of her own children since a Luijtje Willemsz is one of the witnesses
and Ariaantie Wilemesz and Gerrit Willemsz appear as witnesses
at the baptisms of Luitje's children.

Cape Town, page 9, 1717
12.do. (7br) Johannes
Jochem Kreef, en Arriaantje Willemsz.
Pieter Kempen, en Luitje Willemsz.

page 14, 1719
25.do. (Junii) Nicolaas
Jochem Greeff, en Ariaantje Willemsz.
Nicolaas Gokkelius en Susaan Magdalena [Viboda]

page 6


14.Julij, Gerrit
Pieter Kemp, Luijtje Willemsz,
Willem Duijser, en Ariana Willems

children of Pieter Christiaansz de Jager and Ermina Karelse

Antonetta de Jager 1696-before 1715
born 1696 5
baptized 30 September 1696, Cape Town 6
died before 23 March 1715, (date of sale of her deceased father's goods) 7

Andries de Jager 8 born 1698
born 1698, (probably) 9

Carel Pietersz: de Jager 1699-1765
born 1699, at the Cape
baptized 24 May 1699, Cape Town
died 26 July 1765
 married (1) 18 April 1725 Stellenbosch

Ester Erasmus 10 circa 1703-circa 1726
 married (2) 29 September 1726 Stellenbosch

Magdalena Malherbe died 1764

Johannes de Jager 11 1701-before 1724
born 1701 12
baptized 23 October 1701, Cape Town 13
died before August 1724 14

Louis de Jager 1703-before 1715
born 1703 15
baptized 13 August 1703, Cape Town 16
died before 23 March 1715, (the date of his deceased father's Vendu sale) 17

Anna Margareta de Jager 1706-before 1715
born 1706 18
baptized 21 March 1706, Cape Town 19
died before 23 March 1715, (the date of her deceased father's Vendu sale) 20

Christiaan de Jager 21 1709-1758
born 1709 22
baptized 4 August 1709, Cape Town 23
died 1758, Swellendam district 24

Laurens de Jager 25 born 1711
born 1711 26
baptized 21 November 1711, Cape Town 27

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