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Sebastiaan Rothman 1
born circa 1753, Cologne 2
died 1 December 1803, at the Cape 3
will dated 26 November 1803
and filed 16 December 1803 4
He arrived at the Cape in 1774 on the ship 'De Vrijheid' as a soldier in
the employ of the Dutch East India Company. By profession he was
a tailor and on 7th December 1779 he requested his burgher papers.

In 1786 he bought a plot of ground in Swellendam for 1000 rixdalers
since he intended to settle there.

In 1791 he made a bad speculation, paying 19000 guldens for one
year's monopoly of the Cape wine trade, but made a loss and was still
owing 15000 guldens i n 1795 when a consortium took over his debts.

In 1792, in a request to the Council of Policy, he quotes figures very
different (90,000 guldens) and attributes his losses largely to smuggling
by private wine traders and asks for the Company to put an end to

(source: H.C.V.Leibbrandt, Requesten. published 1905 and 1989,
pages 978, 992, 1496, 1546)

married (1) after 31 May 1787 5

Elizabeth Catharina Wotky
died 1827

Elisabeth Catharina

Christoffel Fredrik
1789 -

Maria Martha

married (2) circa 1783 [or earlier] 15

Maria Elisabeth Rog
1764-circa 1786

Anna Maria

Christoffel Hermanus

Catharina Carolina


children of Sebastiaan Rothman and Elizabeth Catharina Wotky

Elisabeth Catharina Rothman 6

Gerhardus Johannes Henricus Croeser 7

Christoffel Fredrik Rothman 8 1789-before 1829
born 1789 9
baptized 1789, Cape Town 10
died before 1829 11

Martha Maria Boshoff 12

Maria Martha Rothman 13

Henry Wright 14

children of Sebastiaan Rothman and Maria Elisabeth Rog

Anna Maria Rothman born 1785
born 1785 16
baptized 1 October 1785, Tulbagh 17

Christoffel Hermanus Rothman 18

Catharina Carolina Rothman 19

Sebastiaan Rothman 20
baptized 1787, Cape Town, Lutheran Church 21

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