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Hendrik Cornelisz Olivier
Beatrix Verwey
born circa 1658
Barend Burgert
died before 1705
Marritje Willemsdr Schalk
died circa 1709
Jan Olivier
1683-before 1777
Helena Burger
Jan Gysbert Olivier 1
of the farm called De Twee Jonggeezellen, in the Land van Waveren 2
burger, Stellenbosch
born 1725 3
baptized 1725, Cape Town 4
died circa March 1797 5
will dated 20 February 1797
and filed 15 March 1797
According to the records the farm 'De Twee Jongegezellen' was
granted to Jan Gysbert Olivier in 1749, but Anna Boeseken reads
in the documents that it was most likley first graned to Jacobuse
du Preez and then later, on Olivier marrying du Preez's widow,
Maria Sussanna Theron, the grant was made over to him. He and
his wife lived and farmed there until their deaths in 1797.

(From: The Secluded Valley, by Anna Boeseken and Margaret Cairns,
Perskor, Cape Town, 1989. Page 93 -97. Information based on records of
the Receiver of Land Revenue, RLR 6, 6.2.1724, no.19 and 10, 9.5.1741)

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 5 March 1752

Maria Susanna Theron
died circa 1797

Jan Hendrik
1753 -

Magdalena Martha

Hester Beatrix


born & died

Anna Hendrina

Maria Aletta

Francois Gijsbert

children of Jan Gysbert and Maria Susanna Olivier

Jan Hendrik Olivier 1753-before 1798
born 1753
baptized 1753, Tulbagh
died before April 1798

Anna Elisabeth Putter 6 died circa 1797

Magdalena Martha Olivier born 1756
born 1756 7
baptized 18 January 1756, Tulbagh 8

Hester Beatrix Olivier born 1757
born 1757 9
baptized 7 August 1757, Tulbagh 10

Andries Olivier born 1759
born 1759 11
baptized 20 May 1759, Tulbagh 12

Gijsbert Olivier born & died 1761
born 1761 13
baptized 12 April 1761, Tulbagh 14
died 9 December 1761, Tulbagh 15

Anna Hendrina Olivier born 1762
born 1762 16
baptized 28 November 1762, Tulbagh 17

Maria Aletta Olivier born 1765
born 1765 18
baptized 29 December 1765, Tulbagh 19

Francois Gijsbert Olivier born 1767
born 1767 20
baptized 20 September 1767, Tulbagh 21

# The parents of Jan Gysbert Olivier

I have been unable to find unequivocal evidence that Jan Gijsbert Olivier
is the same person as the son of Jan Olivier and Helena Burger who was
baptised Johannes Gijsbert in 1725 but I have found no other individual
of that name at that period; Jan Gisbert's eldest son was baptised Jan
Henrik and his sponsors were Jan Olivier and Helena Burger as one would
expect for their grandson; other children of Jan Gijsbert have siblings of
Johannes Gijsbert as baptismal witnesses.

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