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Maria Van Negapatnam
Susanna Visser 1
died 1779, Waveren 2
executors of the will of 1721 were Christiaan Rasp, Jan Nel
and Christoffel Kaizer. Witnesses of this will were Augustus
Meijhuijsen and Jan Jacobs van Langendorp.

Her children are given as listed in her will dated 1721 with her
first husband and her will dated 1738 as a widow.

married (1) after 1704

Hans Hendrik Hattingh
died circa 1729
of Spijer, Stellenbosch 3

1709 -




b. c1716


Johannes Hendrik

Johannes Michiel




married (2) 10 February 1732 28

Willem Rube

children of Susanna and Hans Hendrik Hattingh

Maria Hattingh 4 1709-1791
born 1709 5
baptized 27 October 1709, Cape Tmown 6
died 9 July 1791, Waveren 7

Margareta Hattingh born 1711
born 1711 8
baptized 9 August 1711, Cape Town 9

Catrina Hattingh born 1713
born 1713 10
baptized 24 April 1713, Stellenbosch 11

Johannes Hattingh born 1714
born 1714 12
baptized 27 May 1714, Stellenbosch 13

Jacobus Hattingh 14 born circa 1716
born circa 1716, (assumed from his parent's wills)

Notes: If his brothers are anything to go by, he was probably
baptised Johannes Jacobus in the same German naming style.

W. Hattingh seems to assume that the Jacobus mentioned in
the wills of Hans Hattingh and Susanna Visser is the son of HH
and Maria Lanoy, but the will or Acte van Kinderbewijs signed
by Maria Visser on 2nd August 1738 specifically states that the
children she names are those procreated between her and
her husband H H Hattingh. All the others are listed in the same
order as their baptisms. Jacobus is listed between Johannes
and Christiaan.

Christiaan Hattingh born 1718
born 1718 15
baptized 5 May 1718, Stellenbosch 16

Johannes Hendrik Hattingh born 1720
born 1720 17
baptized 28 April 1720, Stellenbosch 18

Johannes Michiel Hattingh born 1722
born 1722 19
baptized 24 May 1722, Stellenbosch 20

Notes: He had presumably died as an infant,
before the baptism of his brother who was
given the same name in September 1723.

Michiel Hattingh 21 born 1723
born 1723 22
baptized 12 September 1723, Stellenbosch 23

Notes: Baptised Johannes Michiel, this was
the German method of name giving, with the
usually used christian name being the second.

Susanna Hattingh born 1726
born 1726 24
baptized 17 March 1726, Stellenbosch 25

Catharina Hattingh born 1728
born 1728 26
baptized 27 March 1728, Stellenbosch 27

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