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Arij Lekkerwijn
died circa December 1697, (assumed from date in inventory) 1
The inventory of his deceased estate suggests that they were
poverty stricken indeed.

According to the Muster Rolls of 1695 (VC39, page 146) she and
Arie Leckerwijn had 3 children at that date. According to W.
Hattingh (Familia 1978, pp.17 onwards) they had two more after
that (1696 and 1697) which would explain the 6 children listed
against Hendrik Hatting and Maria in the muster rolls of 1701.
(VC 49 p.11 )

Her inventory of 1704 states that she left 7 minor children.

The Joernaal des Kaapse Weese for January 1698 (?1718) lists

Dirk Lekkerwyn
Cornelis Lekkerwyn
Ary Lekkerwyn
Claas Lekkerwyn and
Maria Lekkerwyn

On 24 December 1724 Hans Hendrik Hatting requests permission of the Weeskamer
to pay out to his step children Dirk, Arij and Claas Lekkerwyn each his erfportie
since they all now mondig. This is granted. (Weeskame Notulen - 1724, MOOC 1/3)

In MOOC 6/1, Weeskamer Notullen, page 166, 8 June 1729, Arij Lekkerwijn is described as recently married to Maria van Nieuwenbroek, under guardianship of the Weeskamer and requesting her inheritance, which was granted.

Persoonsgegevens van Arij Leckerwij
Herkomst: Cabo de goede hoop
Rang: Soldaat
Datum einde verbintenis: 00/00/0000
Einde verbintenis: Andere kamer
Plaats einde verbintenis: Onbekend

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Schagen Inventarisnr.: 14466
Kamer: Hoorn Folio: 283
Uitreis: 07/10/1758 Bestemming: Batavia
DAS- en reisnr 3742.2 Aankomst: 17/06/1759
uitgevaren voor de kamers


Weeskamer Klad notulen (draft minutes)

21 March 1729

Soals wijders mede ten versoeke van den landbouwer Arij Lekkerwijn is toegstaan en g'accordeert om ook te mogen trouwen met Maria van Nieuwen broek



Maria Lanoy
died circa 1704






children of Arij and Maria Lekkerwijn

Dirk Lekkerwijn 2

Cornelis Lekkerwijn 3

Arij Lekkerwijn 4

Claas Lekkerwijn 5

Mari Lekkerwijn 6

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