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Erasmus Smit de oude 1
farmer 2
born Holstein 3
died circa June 1771, Waveren 4
Around 1728 he asked to become a free burger, and in his
request stated that he had arrived as a soldier at the Cape in
1717 on the ship 'Mijnden'. This ship left Texel in the Netherlands
on 19th January 1717 and arrived at the Cape on 4th June 1717.
(sources: HCV Leibbrandt - Requesten, published by the South
African Library, 1988, page 1051 and De VOCsite)

Their children given as listed in the inventory of his deceased
estate dated 22 July 1771, and as found the the church registers
of Cape Town and Drakenstein.

married 6 May 1731 at Cape Town 5

Cornelia van Emmenes

c1732 -

Johannes Erasmus


1736 -


b. c1740



b. c1748

b. c1751

children of Erasmus Smit and Cornelia van Emmenes

Anna Smit circa 1732-circa 1757
born circa 1732
baptized 24 February 1732, Cape Town
died circa November 1757, (assumed from date of Inventory)

Jan Diederik Holman 6 died 1754
of De Uijtkijk, Rodezand

Johannes Erasmus Smit born 1733
born 1733 7
baptized 5 July 1733, Drakenstein 8

Geesje Smit born 1735
born 1735 9
baptized 30 January 1735, Cape Town 10

Pieter Jourdaan Paulsz. 11

Martha Smit 1736-circa 1821
born 1736
baptized 21 October 1736, Cape Town
died circa 1821, (assumed from filing date of will)
 married 23 December 1753 Tulbagh

Gerrit van Wijk Gerritsz: 12 1723-circa 1796

Cornelia Smit born 1738
born 1738 13
baptized 4 October 1738, Drakenstein 14

Adriaan Venter 15

Geertruijd Smit born circa 1740
born circa December 1740 16
baptized 22 January 1741, Cape Town 17

Willem van Zijl 18 died before 1771
died before 1771 19

Erasmus Smit born 1742
born 1742 20
baptized 14 October 1742, Cape Town 21

Gerrit Smit born 1745
born 1745 22
baptized 17 April 1745, Drakenstein 23

Pieter Smit born circa 1748
born circa 1748 24

Albertus Smit born circa 1751
born circa 1751 25

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