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Mark Sargent
Agnes Wayles
born 1568
Grimball Stanbinorth
1565-circa 1614
Elizabeth Gawne
born 1568
John Sargent
Mary Standbynorth
born 1592
Alice Sargent
born 1628, HASTINGS, Sussex 1
baptized 1 March 1627/28, HASTINGS, Sussex (All Saints') 2
died July 1700, HASTINGS, Sussex 3
buried 23 July 1700, HASTINGS, Sussex (St Clement's) 4
ALICE SARGENT..1628-1700

FEB 1628 Born in Hastings
1 MAR 1628 Baptised in All Saints', Hastings
17 DEC 1646 Married Nicolas Daniell in St.Clement's, Hastings
1647 Son John born
Daughter Ann born
Daughter Alice born
1654 Daughter Dorothy born
cir 1660 Son Thomas born
1681 Husband Nicolas died
30 JUL 1693 Son Thomas married Elizabeth Lasher in St.Clement's, Hastings
16 JUL 1700 Made Will
25 JUL 1700 Buried at St.Clement's, Hastings
OCT 1700 Will proved

Alice was the eldest daughter of John Sargent and his wife Mary (née
Standbynorth), and was baptised at All Saints', Hastings, on 1st March 1628.
It was at St.Clement's, Hastings, that she married Nicolas Daniell on 17th
December 1646 when she was not quite 18!

She lived all her life in Hastings, died there in July 1700, and buried from
St. Clement's on 25th of that month. Widowed some 19 years previously, she
made provision for her family after her death by making her Will on 16th July
1700, only a week or so before her death, one of the few Wills that appear to
be have been made by women at that time.

Born during the reign of Charles I, she saw Cromwell come to power in 1649 -
and lived through the drabness of puritan England - then the Restoration of
the Monarchy under Charles II in 1660, followed by the accession of James II
in 1685, and four short years later that of William and Mary as co-monarchs.

In her Will proved in October 1700, she bequeathed ...

Or baptised 1 MARCH 1628 at St. Clement's? Illiterate..marked Will

married 17 December 1646 at HASTINGS, Sussex (St Clement's) 5

Nicholas Daniell


children of Alice and Nicholas Daniell


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