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William Simpson
Helen McCammon
Charles Napier Simpson
Johanna Margaretha De Wit
William Simpson 1
born 24 October 1869, Carnarvon, Cape 2
died 12 July 1935
William as a son of Charles Napier S. known from his father's
Death Notice and his birth date and place from a patron sub-
mission to the IGI (Latter Day Saints) web site - this latter in-
formation not yet verified. (27 Dec 2000)

The information on his wife and family comes from the LDS
online Ancestral File database and has not been verified
against records - I assume that the <> brackets round the
birth places means that these are guesses.
(info downloaded 27 Dec 2000).


Johanna Cornelia Van Wijk

Johanna Cornelia

Anna Magrieta

Winnie Agnes

Elizabeth Willa

Charles Napier

1906 -

Magdelena Josina
1908 -

children of William and Johanna Cornelia Simpson

Johanna Cornelia Simpson born 1895
born 7 October 1895,

Anna Magrieta Simpson born 1897
born 13 July 1897,

Winnie Agnes Simpson born 1899
born 15 February 1899,

Elizabeth Willa Simpson born 1900
born 15 July 1900, Williston, Britztown, Cape., S. Afr.

Charles Napier Simpson born 1902
born 12 May 1902,

William Simpson 1906-1911
born 18 April 1906,
died 4 October 1911

Magdelena Josina Simpson 1908-1909
born 6 April 1908,
died 14 January 1909

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