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Antonie Fauconnier 1
joiner and turner 2
of Melville at the River, Knysna 3
born circa 1786, Brabant, Flanders 4
died 30 August 1837, Melville at the River, Knysna 5
The details of his family come from his Death Notice.

married 7 October 1821 6

Cornelia Margarita Elisabeth Kap

Marthinus Robert
b. c1824

Maria Terezia
b. c1825

Michiel Hendrik
b. c1826

Constantinus Johannes
b. c1830

Annie Elizabeth
c1832 -

Cornelia Jacomina
b. c1834

Louisa Hendrina Maria
b. c1836

children of Antonie and Cornelia Margarita Elisabeth Fauconnier

Marthinus Robert Fauconnier born circa 1824
born circa 1824 7

Maria Terezia Fauconnier born circa 1825
born circa 1825 8

Michiel Hendrik Fauconnier born circa 1826
born circa 1826 9

Constantinus Johannes Fauconnier born circa 1830
born circa 1830 10

Annie Elizabeth Fauconnier circa 1832-1893
born circa February 1832, Knysna
died 20 August 1893, in the home of J.A.Adams, Ceres Road

George Preston Adams 11 circa 1824-1892

Cornelia Jacomina Fauconnier born circa 1834
born circa 1834 12

Louisa Hendrina Maria Fauconnier born circa 1836
born circa 1836 13

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