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John McCammon 1
Tanner and Currier 2
of King Street, Belfast 3
born circa 1758 4
died 12 June 1819 5
He was a Belfast Merchant - from his advertisements in the
Belfast newspapers of the early 1800s he appears to have dealt
in hides, leathers, oil, hops, cotton and many other items. From
1816 Joseph McCammon is advertising ship voyages, including
a ship named the John McCammon, and from 1821, advertisements
by Thomas McCammon appear, also for various goods.
[British Newspaper Archive]

This family constructed from the will of Mary McCammon
Will no 8557, apparently from a manuscript copy book, as
found on Findmypast, identified as 'Wills & Administrations
indexes 1595-1858'
but no precise location or identification
provided for this actualdocument.

This will was brought to my atttention by the generostiy of
Karen Stewart, to whom many thanks.

1819 Belfast & Lisburn Directory:
McCammon, Charles, cart & farming utensil manufacturer, Ballymacarret
McCammon, John, tanner, 23 King Street
McCammon, Joseph, merchant, Donegall Quay; house, 21 King Street
McCammon, George, auctioneer, house, 51 Mill Street
McCammon, John, bookkeeper, 1 Union Place
McCammon, Robert, shoe maker, 5 William Street


circa 1774-1855
of Victoria Place, Belfast 6






Ann Jane




1811 -

children of John and Mary McCammon

Margaret McCammon died before 1852
died before 28 December 1852

Michael Andrews 7
of Ardoyne

John McCammon died before 1852
died before 28 December 1852

Mary McCammon died before 1852
died before 28 December 1852

William Coscaden Thompson 8

Joseph McCammon 9

Notes: From 1810 onwards a Joseph M'Cammon advertises various
goods, shipped in to Belfast, for sale. By 1816 he is a shipper,
advertising various voyages to take goods and passengers, on
various ships, including one recently built, the John M'Cammon.

In October 1816 his bankruptcy auction is announce, including the
sale of the John M'Cammon, but in November he is once more
advertising sailings, goods, etc, from his Stores at 11 Donegall
Quay. These advertisement continue until 1829 and then cease.

[Mainly from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle. Unfortunately the
web site makes no mention if the series is complete or has gaps
which might account for gaps of years in these advertsiements.
Belfast Newspapers on the British Newspaper Archive]

Thomas McCammon 10
Tanner (1843) 11

Ann Jane McCammon 12

James Ferguson 13
Linen Merchant
of Antrim

Eliza McCammon 14

John Huddleston 15 died before 1852
a Captian in Her Majesty's eighteenth Regiment and late Barrackmaster
of The Island of Cephelonia
died before 28 December 1852 16

Charlotte McCammon 17

Robert Gamble 18
of Belfast 19

Catherine McCammon 20

William Quin 21
surgeon 22
of Belfast 23

Helen McCammon 1811-1870
born 11 February 1811, Belfast, Ireland
died 5 January 1870, Tulbagh
 married 27 September 1833 [Belfast]

William Simpson 24 1809-1863

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