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Alewijn Smit Jacobuszoon
Engela Helena van Niekerk
circa 1738-circa 1820
Jacobus Gideon Louw
circa 1730-circa 1814
Hester Wiese
1741-before 1781
Jacobus Hendrik Smit
Margaretha Wilhelmina Louw
Jacobus Hendrik Smit 1
born 1 March 1785 2
baptized 3 April 1785, Swartland 3
died 27 April 1829 4
His son Jacobus Hendrik, aged 9, is mentioned as the sole surviving child
of the late Helena Antonia Louw and her husband Jacobus Hendrik Smit,
in the Estate accounts of her parents in 1818.

The other children come from the death notice of his mother, 1843. The
name of their mother is not stated there.

The two children, Jacobus and Maria are stated to be of age, the others
minors, in the Distribution accounts of the Estate Margaretha Wilhelmina
Louw, Weduwee van wylen Jacobus Hendrik Smit (Alewyn’s zoon), 1844.

I have followed the order of the children as given in the Distribution
accounts (1844) above, whereas the death notice of Maria Elisabeth Louw
(1861) has a different order.

The dates of his marriages given do not always tally between the church
registers (transcripts provided to me) and 'Dit Boekje hoort Jacobus
Hendrik Smit'. In each case I have chosen the date that fell on a Sunday
since this was the usual (but not invariable) day for weddings.

married (1) 2 April 1808 at Tulbagh 5

Helena Petronella Louw

Jacobus Hendrik

married (2) 1 December 1810 at Tulbagh 8

Elisabeth Margaretha Vlok
died circa March 1812 9

married (3) 6 December 1812 at Tulbagh 10

Maria Elisabeth Louw
circa 1797-1861
farmer's wife 11

Maria Elisabeth

Jacobus Adriaan

Nicolaas Stephanus

Andries Stephanus

Margaretha Wilhelmina

Helena Antoinette



Engela Helena

Jacoba Hendrika

children of Jacobus Hendrik Smit and Helena Petronella Louw

Jacobus Hendrik Smit born 1810
born 25 February 1810 6
baptized 8 July 1810, Swartland 7

Notes: In the will drawn up by his father on 17th November 1811,
upon his second marriage, he is named as the child of the first
marriage with Helena Petronella Louw.

children of Jacobus Hendrik Smit and Maria Elisabeth Louw

Maria Elisabeth Smit 12

Notes: noted as being of full age in April 1843

Jacobus Adriaan Smit 13

Notes: this child and all the following noted as being minors April 1843

Nicolaas Stephanus Smit 14

Andries Stephanus Smit 15

Margaretha Wilhelmina Smit 16

Helena Antoinette Smit 17

Elizabeth Smit 18

Susanna Smit

Notes: She is not mentioned on the death notice of her mother, 1861
so she presumably died without leaving children.

Engela Helena Smit 19

Jacoba Hendrika Smit 20

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