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William Woodhams
Mary Oakes
Jesse Woodhams
farm bailiff (1841) 1
of Peasmarsh 2
born 1790, Fairlight, Sussex 3
baptized 23 August 1790, Fairlight, Sussex 4
buried 11 June 1871, Udimore, Sussex 5
Information for the Woodhams families is from the Parish Registers of
Fairlight and Udimore in Sussex, and was provided by Chris Hogger.


born circa 1790

b. c1812

b. c1814

b. c1816

b. c1821

b. c1823

b. c1827

b. c1831

b. c1836

children of Jesse and Philadelphia Woodhams

Harriet Woodhams born circa 1812
housekeeper (1851)
born circa 1812, Udimore, Sussex 6

Notes: unmarried according to the 1851 census when she was living with her father

John Woodhams born circa 1814
baptized 28 August 1814, Udimore, Sussex 7

Frederick Woodhams born circa 1816
baptized 22 December 1816, Udimore, Sussex 8

Caroline Woodhams born circa 1821
baptized 18 March 1821, Udimore, Sussex 9

Isaac Woodhams born circa 1823
gentleman's servant (1851) 10
born circa 1823, Fairlight, Sussex 11

Notes: unmarried at the time of the 1851 census

Frances Woodhams born circa 1827
born circa 1827 12

William Woodhams born circa 1831
born circa 1831 13

Emily Woodhams born circa 1836
born circa 1836 14

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