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Cornelis Gerritsz van Nieuwkerken 1
of Tijgerberg 2
died circa July 1710 3
According to the inventory of 1710, they also owned an uninhabited
farm on the Old Kuils Rivier. They had 60 cattle, 700 sheep, 8 horses
and 3 pigs. They owned, too, five male slaves, one female slave and
three slave children.

Although sentenced on 9th August 1706 by the corrupt government
of Willem Adriaan van der Stel (CJ 782, 10) to banishment on Mauritius,
this sentence would seem to have been passed in his absence, since
the Lanndrost Starrenburg, in a letter to the Council dated 2 October
1706 describes Cornelis Nieuwkerk as not to be apprehended. Also
the Council at the Cape received notification in March 1707 that the
settlement at Maritius was to be abandoned and no evidence seems
to survive that any of these rebels were, in fact, deported.

The decision of the Council of the Seventeen Gentlemen, governing
body of the Dutch East India Company, to recall the Governor W.A.
van der Stel, received around May 1707, also declared that any of the
protestors who had been imprisoned or sent away should be released
or allowed to return.

Certainly the yearly records of the Cape burgers, known as the
Monsterollen (VC 49) so carefully transcribed by GM Theal in the
1890s, record that Cornelis and his wife Maria were present at the
Cape in all the years 1706 to 1709. What precisely his role may have
been in the struggle against the Governor, I have not yet been able
to establish.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 1 April 1691 at Cape Town 4

Maria van der Westhuisen
1675-circa 1734
of De Drooge Valleij 5

c1692 -


1697 -




children of Cornelis Gerritsz van Nieuwkerken and Maria van der Westhuisen

Alletta van Nieuwkerken 6 circa 1692-1713
born circa December 1692 7
baptized 4 January 1693, Cape Town 8
died 1713 9
 married 10 May 1711 Cape Town 10

Anthonij van Rooijen 1675-circa 1734

Gerrit van Nieuwkerken 11 born 1695
born 1695 12
baptized 18 September 1695, Cape Town 13

Notes: On the 29th December 1717 he requested
and received permission from the Burgerraad to move
from the Cape District to that of Stellenbosch. (1 STB 15/2)

Johannes van Nieuwkerken 1697-circa 1744
born 1697
baptized 15 September 1697, Cape Town
died circa December 1744
 married (1)

Engela Plooij 14
 married (2) 20 November 1738 Drakenstein

Anna van Staden 15

Pieter van Nieuwkerken 16 born 1702
born 1702 17
baptized 2 April 1702, Cape Town 18

Helena van Nieuwkerken born 1704
born 1704 19
baptized 9 November 1704, Cape Town 20

Barend van Nieuwkerken 21 born 1709
born January 1709 22
baptized 20 January 1709, Cape Town 23

# The parents of Cornelis Gerritsz van Nieuwkerken

He first appears in the records at the time of his marriage in 1691 in the
registers of the Church at Cape Town. There he is inscribed as Cornelis
Gerritsz van Nieukerk. It was the practice in these records to record the
name and place of birth of the marrying parties, so it is possible that Van
Nieukerk represents his place of birth. Against this, however, is his sig-
nature, found on three contracts preserved in the Cape Archives. The
earliest of these is dated 1693. He has a good handwriting of the old
chancery hand style, what I imagine was probably taught in the Dutch
schools in the mid 17th century, and in all three signatures there is no sign
of a patronym, he signs with the surname 'Van Nijkerken'.

In the Muster roll of 1692 he appears as Cornelis Gerritsz but in the next
year he is recorded as 'Cornelis van Nieuwkerken'.

I think we must therefore assume that he used the surname, Van Nijkerken,
before he came to the Cape. This means that we have no idea where he
was born, but the patronym used in the marriage entry and the muster roll
of 1693, informs us that his father's name was Gerrit. I have not yet found,
in the doucments, any indication of when he was born.

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