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Albert Barentsz Gildenhuijs
died 1709
Margareta Hoefnagels
died circa 1713
Margareta Gildenhuijsen 1
of Mosselbank 2
born 1684, at the Cape 3
baptized 8 October 1684, Cape Town 4
died circa August 1728 5
From her Estate Accunts and the sale of her properties on the
20th and 24th September 1728, she would appear to have had
two houses in Cape Town, one sold to Christiaan Victor and the
other to Jacobus van der Heijden, and two farms, one called
De Mosselbank on the Mosselbank River, 62 morgen 16 roeden,
original grant 18 September 16983, most recently transferred
3rd and 6th of October 1724, now sold to Gerrit van Nieuwkerken,
and the other, named Roodenburgh, described as a house and
land, lying on the Rondebosje, extending to 15 morgen and 561
square roeden, first granted on the 5th January 1660 and most
recently transferred 9th October 1713, now sold to Christoffel
Bok. This property had belonged to her father and is described
as his dwelling in the document Hendrik Plooij drew up in favour
of his daughter Willemina in 1724.
(MOOC 9/1, 153-156, Coop Conditien 1705-1735)

married (1)

Hendrik Plooij
circa 1674-circa 1725
of Roodenburgh, aan 't Rondebosje 6

Albert Barendz

Hendrik Willem

1710 -

Albert Barent




married (2)

Philip Richter
On 22nd February 1729 he petitioned the Council of Policy
to allow him to repatriate on one of the ships of the return
fleet and permission was granted for him to travel back in
the Cabin.

children of Margareta Gildenhuijsen and Hendrik Plooij

Albert Barendz Plooij born 1705
born 1705 7
baptized 10 May 1705, Cape Town 8

Hendrik Willem Plooij born 1707
born 1707 9
baptized 13 November 1707, Cape Town 10

Engela Plooij 1710-circa 1738
born 1710
baptized 19 January 1710, Cape Town
died circa 1738

Johannes van Nieuwkerken 11 circa 1674-circa 1725
of De Brackefonteijn, lying behind the Coeberg

Albert Barent Plooij born 1712
born 1712 12
baptized 14 August 1712, Cape Town 13

Margaretha Plooij 14 born 1714
born 1714 15
baptized 29 July 1714, Cape Town 16

Notes: On the 21st August 1728, the Weeskamer
decided that she would be lodged with Hendrik de Vries
until her marriage with his son Jacob de Vries and that
her minor brother, Hendrik Plooij, would also go to live
with Hendrik de Vries at the cost of 6 rixdalers per month.
(MOOC 1/6, Weeskamernotulen, page 71)

 married circa 1728  18

Jacob de Vries 17 1697-circa 1744

Wilhelmina Plooij 19 born 1716
born 1716 20
baptized 12 July 1716, Cape Town 21

Notes: On the 8th October, Jan van Nieuwkerken
applied to the Weeskamer for his wife's disabled sister,
a minor, to come and live with him and to have funds to
buy her a slave maid for her service, costs to be paid,
presumably from her inheritance, from the Weeskamer
funds. This was approved subject to notice when an
appropriate candidate was found.
(MOOC 1/6 Weeskamer Notulen, 8th October 1728)

As his wife's only other sister was already married, I
assume that it is Wilhelmina to whom this refers.

Hendrik Plooij 22 born 1719
born 1719 23
baptized 2 July 1719, Cape Town 24

Notes: After the death of his mother, circa August 1728,
he went, with the permission of the Weeskamer, to live with
Hendrik de Vries, at a charge of 6 rixdalers per month, along
with his sister Margareta Plooij, who also went to live with
Hendrik de Vries until the time of her marriage to Jacob de
Vries (Minutes of the Weeskamer 21 August 1728, MOOC 1/6)

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