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Johannes Petrus du Toit
Hilletje Geertruida Basson
1803-circa 1862
Andries Pieter Lombard
Maria Johanna Lombard
circa 1809-1834
Johannes Petrus du Toit
Elisabeth Maria Gertruida Lombard
Elisabeth Maria Gertruida du Toit 1
born 29 April 1859, Riebeek West 2
died 9 September 1937, Drostdy, Tulbagh 3
buried Oude Kerk, Tulbagh 4
We have not yet been able to find a baptism nor yet a death notice.

I have based her parentage on the death notice of Johannes Petrus
du Toit (1903) which lists his daughter Elisabeth Maria Gertruida as
married to P.J.Redelinghuys.

Johannes Petrus du Toit also provided a note of permission for the
marriage between his daughter EMG du Toit and PJ Redelinghuys.

Her dates of birth and death are taken from her gravestone in the
Tulbagh Oude Kerk graveyard as listed on the online site of South
African Archives.

I am very grateful to Andrew Kok who gave me the initial information
which enabled me to trace this family backwards.

married 31 March 1879 at Riebeeck-Wes 5

Petrus Johannes Redelinghuys
of Drostdy, Tulbagh

Elisabeth Maria Gertruida
c1880 -

Magdalena Sophia
1883 -

Petrus Johannes
1886 -

Anna Elisabeth

Johannes Petrus
born & died

Johannes Hermanus
1894 -

Maria Johanna

children of Elisabeth Maria Gertruida du Toit and Petrus Johannes Redelinghuys

Elisabeth Maria Gertruida Redelinghuys circa 1880-1956
born circa January 1880
died 24 November 1956, Paarl Hospital, Paarl

Andries Benjamin Kriegler circa 1873-1928

Magdalena Sophia Redelinghuys 1883-1965
born 2 April 1883
died 8 May 1965, The Strand, Cape
 married (1) 28 May 1907 Tulbagh, Cape

Johannes Petrus Janse van Rensburg 1882-1927
farmer (1927)
of Windmolen, Agter Paarl
 married (2) circa 1942 Wynberg

George William Barnes 1878-1966
of Oleander Hotel, Gordon's Bay

Petrus Johannes Redelinghuys 1886-circa 1944
born 1 March 1886 6
baptized 2 May 1886, Tulbagh 7
died circa 1944 8

Anna Elisabeth Redelinghuys born 1889
born 25 November 1889 9
baptized 5 January 1890, Tulbagh 10

unknown Bornman 11

Johannes Petrus Redelinghuys born & died 1893
born 12 January 1893 12
baptized 5 March 1893, Tulbagh 13
died 24 October 1893 14

Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys 1894-1944
born 1 September 1894
baptized 4 November 1894, Tulbagh
died 29 September 1944

Mary Maud Steyn 1899-1982

Maria Johanna Redelinghuys

Charles Comphries Bond 15 died 1934
of Drostdy, Tulbagh

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