Aims of this web site
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We hope that making our work available may help someone somewhere to make a connection they may be struggling with.
We have done our best to piece together the evidence available but almost everywhere we wish there were more evidence.
So many people seem to be born without there being any more evidence - for others we are unable to find birth or baptism details and have to deduce connections from wills (a very good source), witnesses to marriages or family names (chancey) or other evidence.
If anyone has any corrections to make or people or branches to add we would be very glad to hear from them.
If you think that your family connects to any of these branches we would be happy to check the evidence with you and include your family on this site or provide a link to yours.
The facts are public property but our interpretations and work (a lot of it) are copyright. If you use any of the information on this site we do ask that you acknowledge your source.
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