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Maria Clements van Stokholm
born at the Cape 1
died circa 1700 2
Her inventory lists three children, Johannes, Isabelle and Matthijs.

married 8 May 1689 at Cape Town 3

Jacob van As
died 1713
farmer 4

Anna Lysbet


Anna Isabella
1694 -

b. c1696

children of Maria Clements and Jacob van As

Anna Lysbet van As born 1690
born 1690 5
baptized 23 April 1690, Cape Town 6

Jan van As 7 born 1692
baptized 6 March 1692, Stellenbosch 8

Notes: In 1713 he is listed first of the children of Jacob Asch
but his legacy is to be registered with the Orphan Chamber
('by de weesboeken in genomen te werden').

On 22 September 1727 there is a note in the Weeskamer minutes
that Willem van Asch has been allowed to borrow on interest the
sum of 1600 gulden from the monies of his missing brother, Jan
van Asch. (MOOC 1/5, Weeskamer Notulen, page 67)

Anna Isabella van As 9 1694-before 1713
born 1694 10
baptized 1 August 1694, Cape Town 11
died before 1713, (assumed) 12

Notes: She would seem to have died before 1713
since she is not listed as an heir in the inventory drawn
up after her father's death on 19th October 1713.

Mathijs van As 13 born circa 1696
born circa 1696, (assumed from dated of application for veniam aetatis) 14

Notes: On 14th October 1721 he petitioned the Council
of Policy, asking for letters of 'veniam aetatis', i.e. to be declared
of full age (otherwise achieved by reaching the age of 25)

He stated that he is unable to show his age since the baptismal
register of Drakenstein had been missing for many years.

(Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope
Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa, C. 57, pp. 42-51.
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