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List of people in the Gous family tree

284 individuals, 99 families, 66 surnames

Aalbertsz, Aaltje  
Appel, Sophia  
van As, Anna Isabella (1694-before 1713) 
van As, Anna Lysbet (born 1690) 
van As, Elsje (born 1702) 
van As, Engela  
van As, Fytie (born 1707) 
van As, Jacob (died 1713), farmer 
van As, Jacoba Helena (born 1710) 
van As, Jan (born 1692) 
van As, Mathijs (born circa 1696) 
van As, Willem (born 1703) 
Basson, Albertus (born 1741) 
Basson, Albertus Johannes  
Basson, Albertus Johannes (1820-circa 1848) 
Basson, Alida (born 1697) 
Basson, Andries (born 1729) 
Basson, Anna Catharina (born 1732) 
Basson, Anna Catharina (born 1810) 
Basson, Anna Christina (born 1813) 
Basson, Anna Maria (born 1790) 
Basson, Arnoldus Johannes (1702-circa 1742) of Vrolijkhijd, beyond the Roodezand 
Basson, Arnoldus Willemse (1693-1724) of De Groeneberg 
Basson, Arnoldus Willemse (1699-circa 1726) 
Basson, Arnoldus Willemsz (died 1691) 
Basson, Barbara (born 1768) 
Basson, Catharina Hendrina (born 1767) 
Basson, Catharina Wilhelmina (born 1782) 
Basson, Catharina Wilhelmina (born 1813) 
Basson, Christiaan Coenraad (born 1793) 
Basson, Coenraad Hendrik (circa 1771-circa 1801) of the loan farm ít Diepegat situated by Burgersdrift on the Bergrivier 
Basson, Coenraad Hendrik (born circa 1798) 
Basson, Coenraad Hendrik (born 1822) 
Basson, Elisabeth Maria (born 1812) 
Basson, Elisabeth Willemina (born 1795) 
Basson, Elsie (born 1677) 
Basson, Elsie Maria (born circa 1790) 
Basson, Elsje (1681-before 1717) 
Basson, Gerrit (born 1673) 
Basson, Helena (1731-1772) 
Basson, Helena Johanna (born 1797) 
Basson, Helena Sophia (born 1773) 
Basson, Helena Sophia (1819-1855) 
Basson, Hendrik Albertus (born 1781) 
Basson, Hilletje Johanna (born 1811) 
Basson, Jacobus Johannes (born circa 1794) 
Basson, Jan (born 1706) 
Basson, Johanna (born 1765) 
Basson, Johanna Catharina (born circa 1764) 
Basson, Johannes  
Basson, Johannes (1675-circa 1706) 
Basson, Johannes (1732-1792), farmer, of Lange Cloof, behind Riebeeks Kasteel, on the Berg River 
Basson, Johannes (born 1763) 
Basson, Johannes (1775-circa 1831) 
Basson, Johannes Cornelis (born 1727) 
Basson, Johannes Hendrik Albertus (born 1806) 
Basson, Maria (1683-circa 1713) 
Basson, Maria (born 1774) 
Basson, Maria Magdalena (born 1769) 
Basson, Maria Magdalena (born 1775) 
Basson, Maria Sophia (born 1808) 
Basson, Martha (born 1762) 
Basson, Martha (born 1768) 
Basson, Martha (born 1772) 
Basson, Martha Catharina (died before 1792) 
Basson, Martha Helena (born 1812) 
Basson, Marthinus Smuts  
Basson, Mathijs Michielse (born 1700) 
Basson, Matthijs Michiel (born 1767) 
Basson, Matthijs Michielse (1703-before 1775) of Rosenberg, Drakenstein 
Basson, Matthijs Michielse (born circa 1764) 
Basson, Matthijs Michielse (born 1789) 
Basson, Matthijs Michielse (born 1815) 
Basson, Matthys Michiel (1738-circa 1804) of Rosenburg, Klijne Paerdeberg 
Basson, Matthys Michielse (1767-before 1808) 
Basson, Matthys Michielse (born circa 1793) 
Basson, Matthys Michielse (born 1801) 
Basson, Michiel (1679-circa 1719) of Keesenbosch, Swartland 
Basson, Michiel (born 1701) 
Basson, Michiel Adriaan (died 1771), farmer 
Basson, Michiel Adriaan (born 1778) 
Basson, Nicolaas Johannes (born 1766) 
Basson, Sophia (1736-1779) 
Basson, Sophia Catharina (born 1778) 
Basson, Willem (1670-circa 1713) 
Basson, Willem (born 1729) 
Basson, Willem (born 1734) 
Basson, Willem (born 1770) 
Basson, Willem Diederik (born circa 1773) 
Bek, Jan Zacharias  
van Bengale, Angela (died circa 1720) 
Bergh, Olof  
Burger, Willem  
Clement, Helena (died circa 1713) 
Clements, Maria (died circa 1700) 
Cloete, Jan Hendrik (died 1743) 
de Coning, Anna (died 1734) 
D'Beer, Gerrit Jansz  
Daensdons, Maria (died circa 1714) 
Dippenaar, Johannes (died before 1809) 
Dippenaar, Maria Magdalena (died 1808) 
Embsighoff, Fredrik Willem , apothecary in the service of the VOC 
van Es, Dirck  of Utrecht 
van Es, Elisabeth (born 1733) 
van Es, Isaak (died before 1740), map maker (1729), later Bode of the Weeskamer (1734) 
van Es, Sophia (1728-circa 1755) 
le Febere, Gysbert  
Feyt, Maria (circa 1750-1805) of Rosenberg, Zwartland 
Hatting, Christiaan  
van Hoeting, Hendrina  
van Jaarsveld, Johanna Catharina  
Keijserling, Johann Georg (died 1736), sargent on the ship Valkenisse 
Koutsing, Clara Anna (died circa 1744) 
Lammertsz, Albert (1666-before 1672) 
Lammertsz, Lammert (died before 1673) 
de Lar, Maria Hendriksdr. (died circa 1697) 
Laubscher, Johannes Albertus  
Laubscher, Nikolaas (died before 1770) 
Laubser, Albert Jacobus  
Liebenberg, Catharina Jacoba  
Liebenberg, Christiaan  
Liebenberg, Christiaan  
Liebenberg, Elisabeth Christina (died 1820) 
Liebenberg, Elizabeth Johanna  
Liebenberg, Jacobus  
Louw, Adriaan  
Louw, Catharina  
Louw, Jacobus  
Louw, Johannes  
Lubbe, Catharina  
Maasdorp, Arnoldus (born 1710) 
Maasdorp, Christiaan (born circa 1673), wagonmaker 
Maasdorp, Christiaan (born 1715) 
Maasdorp, Christina (born 1719) 
Maasdorp, Elisabeth (born 1706) 
Maasdorp, Engela (born 1702) 
Maasdorp, Engela Elisabeth (born 1708) 
Maasdorp, Jacobus (born 1712) 
Maasdorp, Petrus (born 1704) 
Meijburg, Aeltie (born 1699) 
Meijburg, Albert  
Meijburg, Albert (1710-1779), butcher, of De Graawe Erwetjes Cape Town 
Meijburg, Albert (1727-1756) of Cunenberg, Drakenstein 
Meijburg, Albert Johannes  
Meijburg, Albert Lammertsz (1672-circa 1749), farmer, of Drakenstein 
Meijburg, Aletta (born 1689) 
Meijburg, Anna  
Meijburg, Barbara (1700-1766) 
Meijburg, Catharina (died 1756) 
Meijburg, Catrina (1692-before 1697) 
Meijburg, Elsje  
Meijburg, Elsje (born 1721) 
Meijburg, Hendrina Aletta  
Meijburg, Hester Elsje (died 1756) 
Meijburg, Jacobus (born 1723) 
Meijburg, Jan Albert (born 1719) 
Meijburg, Jan Lammertsz: (born circa 1664) 
Meijburg, Johanna (born circa 1693) 
Meijburg, Johannes (1754-circa 1785) 
Meijburg, Lambert  
Meijburg, Lambert (born 1705) 
Meijburg, Lambert Alberts (born circa 1707) 
Meijburg, Martha (1707-1771) 
Meijburg, Neeltje  
Meijburg, Pieter (born 1731) 
Meijburg, Sophia  
Meijburg, Sophia (born 1702) 
Meijburg, Willem (born 1718) 
Meijn, Maria Magdalena  
van der Merwe, Catharina Margaritha (1722-circa 1750) 
van der Merwe, Elsie (died circa 1746) 
Merwe, Helena van der (born 1686) 
Moorees, Adriaan (born 1855) 
Moorees, Anna Barbara  
Moorees, Hilletje Geertruida  
Moorees, Jan Willem  
Moorees, Johannes Carolus La Febre (1807-1885), minister to the Malmesbury (Swartland) Congregation 
Mostert, Hendrik  
Mostert, Hilletje Geertruida (died after 1821) 
de Nest, Francois  
Nolte, Jan Hendrik  
Nolte, Matthys Michiel (1837-1890) 
Olivier, Catharina (1708-before 1743) 
Olivier, Neeltje  
du Plessis, Charl  
du Plessis, Pieter  
Vander Poel, Jonas (born circa 1695) 
Poel, Petrus van der  
Reinincx, Jannetie  
van Rooijen, Anthonij  
van Rooijen, Sophia  
Rosse, Anna Geertruij  
Roussouw, Daniel  
Roussouw, Gideon  
Rust, Albert Gerritsz  
Rust, Anna Geertruida (born 1778) 
Rust, Anna Hilletje  
Rust, Hilletje Geertruida (born 1780) 
Rust, Hilletje Geertruida (1781-1849) of Leeuwenkopskloof (alias Kanonberg), Zwartland 
Rust, Jan Hendrik (1743-before 1749) 
Rust, Jan Hendrik (circa 1749-1794), koster of the Swartland Church, of Waterschilpadskuil, Swartland 
Rust, Johannes Hendrik (born 1776) 
Rust, Klara (born 1745) 
van de Sande, Catharina  
van Sande, Nicolaas  
van de Sande, Nicolas (born 1699) 
van Sande, Rijnier (died circa 1717), soldier in employ of the Dutch East India Company 
Sank, Sophia  
Schelde, Lammert van der  
Schenck, Anna Margaretha  
Smuts, Hester Ann  
Smuts, Maria Magdalena (1842-1902) 
Tilheijm, Barbara  
Tilheijm, Jurgen  
du Toit, Andries  
du Toit, Daniel Matthys  
Tregard, Carel  
Viljoen, Anna  
Viljoen, Catharina  
Viljoen, Elizabeth  
Viljoen, Henning Johannes  
Viljoen, Hester  
Viljoen, Petrus  
de Villiers, Elisabeth (died 1756) 
de Villiers, Helena  
de Villiers, Hester Sophia  
de Villiers, Johannes Albertus  
de Villiers, Martha  
de Villiers, Matthijs Johannes  
de Villiers, Pieter  
de Villiers, Pieter  
de Villiers, Sophia  
Vosloo, Maria  
Walters, Catharina Helena (1742-1760) 
Walters, Stephanus Sebastiaan  
de Westhuijsen, Hendrina van  
Westhuizen, Hendrik Jacobus van der  
Witsche, Hendrik  
Witsche, Hendrik Gabriel (born 1771) 
Witsche, Jacoba Elisabeth (born 1772) 
Witsche, Johannes Albertus (born 1779) 
Witsche, Wilhelmina Catharina (born 1774) 
van Wyck, Lijsbet  

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