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Albert Gerritsz Rust
Anna Geertruij Rosse
Jan Hendrik Rust 1
koster of the Swartland Church 2
of Waterschilpadskuil, Swartland 3
born circa January 1749, Scherpenzeel in Gelderland 4
baptized 26 January 1749, Scherpenzeel in Gelderland 5
died between March and June 1794, (based on filing date of will) 6
will dated 1 March 1794
and filed 2 July 1794
He became a member of the Swartland congregation in December
1773. (Swartland memberhsip register, with a note that he had come
with an attestation from the fatherland

In 1784 he memorialized the Council of Justice thus:

He was Jan Rust, originally from Scherpenzeel, now ex-koster of the
Swartland Church. He had been a 'young sailor' (this was a grade) in
the service of the Company, and in 1775 he was discharged, in order,
at the request of the Swartland Congregation, to enter on the duties
of Koster, on condition that if he could no longer perform the same,
he would ask for burger papers.

Having now been relieved of those duties, he asks for burger rights.
(Cape Archives: Requesten, 1784, no. 15)

In their will of 1787 his parents-in-law named him an executor of their
joint will.

When he made his will on the 1st March 1794 he was described as
being sick in body, and he presumably died not long afterwards, for
the will was filed 2nd July of the same year and in a codicil to her
will, dated September 1794, Anna van der Westhuizen, noted that
her son-in-law had died.

In this will he stated that his parents were no longer living.



Gegevens van Jan Rust uit Scharpenzeel
Datum indiensttreding: 31-12-1771 Datum uit dienst: 00-00-1773
Functie bij indiensttreding: Hooploper Reden uit dienst: Gerepatrieerd
Uitgevaren met het schip: Groenendaal Plaats of schip: Herstelder
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Ja

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Groenendaal Vertrek: 31-12-1771
Kamer: Amsterdam Kaap: 16-04-1772
Inventarisnummer: 6559
Folio: 185 Aankomst: 07-12-1772
DAS-en reisnr.: 4124.1


Gegevens van Jan Hendrik Rust uit Scherpenzeel
Datum indiensttreding: 14-12-1773 Datum uit dienst: 21-02-1775
Functie bij indiensttreding: Jongmatroos Reden uit dienst: Vrijburger
Uitgevaren met het schip: Botland Plaats of schip: Kaap de Goede Hoop
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Botland Vertrek: 14-12-1773
Kamer: Amsterdam Kaap: 24-04-1774
Inventarisnummer: 6588
Folio: 183 Aankomst: 21-07-1774
DAS-en reisnr.: 4191.2


married 1 October 1775 at Swartland 7

Hilletje Geertruida Mostert
died after 1821

Hilletje Geertruida

Johannes Hendrik

Anna Geertruida

Hilletje Geertruida
1781 -

children of Jan Hendrik Rust and Hilletje Geertruida Mostert

Hilletje Geertruida Rust born 1780
born 2 January 1780 8
baptized 9 January 1780, Swartland 9

Notes: She had presumably died before her
sister was given the same name in April 1781

Johannes Hendrik Rust born 1776
born 28 July 1776 10
baptized 4 August 1776, Swartland 11

Anna Geertruida Rust born 1778
born 7 February 1778 12
baptized 15 February 1778, Swartland 13

Hilletje Geertruida Rust 1781-1849
born 21 April 1781, at the Cape
baptized 22 April 1781, Swartland
died 16 March 1849, at the residence of
the Revd Mr J.C. La Febre Moorees at Malmesbury

Johannes Basson Mathijszn: 14 1775-circa 1831

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