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Maria Daensdons 1
died circa 1714 2

Michiel Basson
1679-circa 1719
of Keesenbosch, Swartland 3

Arnoldus Willemse
1699 -




children of Maria Daensdons and Michiel Basson

Arnoldus Willemse Basson 4 1699-circa 1726
born 1699 5
baptized 6 July 1699, Cape Town 6
died circa January 1726 7

Notes: He would seem to have died unmarried
since his heirs were his two brothers Michiel and Jan Basson
(Cape Archives MOOC 8/4, 97) but see below:

op Saterdag den 7e April 1725 is al mede aan den landbouwer
Arnoldus Basson in maniere voortz: ten sijne versoeke vergunt
om de wijnige gelderen die sijn vrouw Catharina Willemsz: hier
bij de Camer te goed had te mogen ontfangen.
(Weeskamer Notulen Boek, MOOC 1/4)

Michiel Basson born 1701
born 1701, at the Cape 8
baptized 6 June 1701, Cape Town 9
 married 9 May 1729 Cape Town 10

Maria Magdalena Meijn
born at the Cape 11

Jan Basson born 1706
born 1706, at the Cape 12
baptized 24 October 1706, Cape Town 13

Notes: On 7th March 1729 he requested permission from the Weeskamer
to buy a number of stock animals and a suit of clothes from his
monies lodged with them. They allowed him 500 gulden.
(MOOC 1/6, Weeskamer Notulenboek)

 married 2 May 1734 Drakenstein 14

Johanna Catharina van Jaarsveld

Alida Basson born 1697
born 1697 15
baptized 28 July 1697, Cape Town 16

Notes: She is not mentioned in the 1718 estate
accounts of her grandmother, Angela van Bengalen,
and had presumably died before this date.

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