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Arnoldus Willemsz Basson
died 1691
Angela van Bengale
died circa 1720
Willem Basson 1
born 1670 2
baptized 31 August 1670, Cape Town 3
died circa June 1713, at the Cape 4
The opgaaf returns of 1692 and 1695 list he and Helena Clement as
resident in Drakenstein, but by 1700 they had moved to Cape Town.
At the time of their deaths they had a house in the Table Valley
(Cape Town) and also two farms, one homestead, at Hout Bay, both
pretty well equipped, but that in Cape Town by far the better
furnished, so they presumably lived principally in Cape Town.

He and his wife presumably died in the smallpox epidemic that
raged at the Cape during June, July and August 1713.

Judging from the opgaaf returns, they had at least one daughter
in addition to the three sons for whom we have baptisms. She was
probably born 1694 or 1695 and since the return for 1712 still lists
them with one daughter it looks as though she too died in the small
pox epidemic of 1713.

They left two children, named in the inventories as their two minor
children Arnoldus and Matthijs Basson.

married 18 March 1691 at Cape Town 5

Helena Clement
died circa 1713

Arnoldus Willemse
1693 -

Mathijs Michielse

Matthijs Michielse
1703 -

children of Willem Basson and Helena Clement

Arnoldus Willemse Basson 6 1693-1724
of De Groeneberg 7
born 1693
baptized 24 May 1693, Cape Town 8
died August 1724 9

Notes: He seems to have had no children at the time of
his death since his estate was divided between his wife
and his brother, Matthijs Basson.


Maria Vosloo 10

Notes: She was the widow of Arnoldus Kruysman who had died in 1722.

Weeskamer Notulen 1/3 7 February 1724

Mathijs Michielse Basson born 1700
born 1700 11
baptized 18 April 1700, Cape Town 12

Notes: He presumably died before November 1703
when his younger brother received the same name.

Matthijs Michielse Basson 1703-before 1775
born 1703, at the Cape
baptized 18 November 1703, Cape Town
died before November 1775, (date of sale of deceased estate)
 married 2 January 1729 Cape Town

Martha Meijburg 13 1707-1771

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