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Angela van Bengale 1
died circa 1720, (before 18th july 1720) 2
The details of her children come from her deceased estate accounts
of 1720 and they are listed as there named. Interestingly enough, the
opgaaf return for 1670 lists this couple with 4 sons and no daughters.
Since Angela and her husband had only baptised one son by the date,
this number must presumably include 3 sons of Angela born before her
marriage. We know of Jacobus van As and Mansell Upham makes a
persuasive case for Johannes van As as another. Where then was
Anna de Koning at this date -- was she still a slave? In the 1682 return
the couple are listed with 6 sons and 1 daughter. (Opgaaf returns from
the computerisation by the Univ of the Western Cape as consulted at
GISA, Mansell Upham: Mooi Ansela & the black sheep of the family,
In: Capensis, 1997 issue 4, continued in later issues).

Her garden in the Table Valley, original grant dated 7th September 1702,
2 morgen in size, was sold from her estate in 23 August 1720 to Hendrik
van Dijk for 3010 gulden.

and her farm in Drakenstein, Hondswijk, 54 morgen in size, original
grant dated 5th July 1695, was sold from her estate for 5000 guldens
on 14th September 1720 to Daniel Marais.
(MOOC 9/1/87 and 88, Verkoop Conditien).




married (2) 15 December 1669 at Cape Town 7

Arnoldus Willemsz Basson
died 1691

1670 -


1675 -


1679 -

1681 -

1683 -

children of Angela van Bengale and

Anna de Coning 3 died 1734
died 1734 4

Olof Bergh 5

Jacob van As died 1713
born at the Cape
died 28 July 1713
 married (1) 8 May 1689 Cape Town

Maria Clements van Stokholm died circa 1700
 married (2) circa 1701 Cape Town

Helena van der Merwe 6 born 1686

children of Angela van Bengale and Arnoldus Willemsz Basson

Willem Basson 1670-circa 1713
born 1670
baptized 31 August 1670, Cape Town
died circa June 1713, at the Cape
 married 18 March 1691 Cape Town

Helena Clement died circa 1713

Gerrit Basson 8 born 1673
born 1673 9
baptized 9 February 1673, Cape Town 10

Notes: He first appears living in the Cape District (Opgaaf return 1695) and
continues at the Cape after his marriage (Opgaaf 1700, 1702, muster rolls
1704). He sold his house and ground, standing on the corner of the
Heerestraat and the Derdebergdwarsstraat in the Table Valleij (modern
Cape Town). which he had aquired from his mother, Angela van Bengalen,
on 6th September 1698, to Michiel Basson on 23rd October 1704, the
guarantors were Reijnier van de Sande and Willem Basson.
(MOOC 9/1/34, Verkoop Conditien)

On 27th June 1707 he bought a farm situated in Drakenstein, on the Berg
River, from Willem Schalks (van der Merwe), orginal grant dated 7th Sep-
tember 1692, for the sum of 2190 gulden. The guarantors were Jacobus
van As and Willem Basson. (MOOC 9/1/23, Verkoop Conditien).

On 27th April 1708 he received permission from the Burgerraad to move
from the Cape district to that of Drakenstein (1 STB 15/2) and from the
Opgaaf return of 1709 he appears resident in the Drakenstein District,
with 20,000 vines and 1000 sheep.

By the Opgaaf of 1712 he is back in the Cape District with no farm or
animals. In the meeting of 21st March 1712 of the Landdrost and Heem-
raaden of Stellenbosch and Drakenstein, it is noted that Gerrit Basson,
burger at the Cape, still owes them 225 guldens and is about to depart
for India (1STB 1/4, page 33). In February 1713 he asked permission of
the Council of Policy for he and his wife, Johanna Reijnink, to return to
the Patria (Netherlands) with the return fleet, paying their own costs.
(C. 30, pp. 39-45, den laasten Februarij 1713). Their request was
granted and this is the last we hear of them.

There seem to have been no children of the marriage and Gerrit is not
mentioned as one of his mother's heirs in her estate accounts of 1720,
leading to the assumption that he had died before that date.

It seems likely that he and his wife left for the Netherlands inFebruary
or March of 1713, thus avoiding the smallpox epidemic that broke out a
month or two later since there are no estate accounts for either of them
among the Cape records.


15 Nov 2003
Hier is addisionele kommentaar van Lorna Newcomb (nie-lid van GenForum):

Daar was bes moontlik ander Rijnincks aan die Kaap. Ek haal aan uit Leibrandt
se Precis van `Letters Despatched' p.258 gedateer 28.3.1705: "Freemen
returning to Holland: - Jochem Saxe, wife and four children; Paul Lefebre, wife
and two children; Gerrit Basson and wife; J.H. Claasz; and Louis Barré...... (sic)
H. Reyninck, J.P.Saxe, and B. Jansz will work their passage home." H. Reyninck
was bes moontlik familie van Johanna Rijninck. Daar was ook 'n Susanna
Rijninck wat as getuie opgetree het met die doop in die Kaap van Alida Basson
op 28.7.1697 (dogter van Michiel Basson en Maria Daeldons). Hierdie storie is
nog lank nie uitgepluis nie!

 married circa 1698  11

Jannetie Reinincx

Johannes Basson 1675-circa 1706
born 1675
baptized 14 July 1675, Cape Town
died circa 1706
  circa 1701 extramarital relationship

Zacharia Jansz Visser 12 circa 1667-circa 1721
of the farm, de Blomkooltje, Paarl

Elsie Basson born 1677
born 1677 13
baptized 29 August 1677, Cape Town 14

Notes: She presumably died before 1681
when a sister was given the same name.

Michiel Basson 1679-circa 1719
born 1679
baptized 25 June 1679, Cape Town
died circa 1719

Maria Daensdons 15 died circa 1714

Elsje Basson 1681-before 1717
born 1681
baptized 29 June 1681, Cape Town
died before 1717

Rijnier van Sande 16 died circa 1717
soldier in employ of the Dutch East India Company (1697)

Maria Basson 1683-circa 1713
born 1683
baptized 15 May 1683, Cape Town
died circa November 1713
 married 28 May 1702 Cape Town

Christiaan Maasdorp 17 born circa 1673

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