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Arnoldus Willemsz Basson
died 1691
Angela van Bengale
died circa 1720
Johannes Basson
1675-circa 1706
Zacharia Jansz Visser
circa 1667-circa 1721
Arnoldus Johannes Basson 1
of Vrolijkhijd, beyond the Roodezand 2
born 1702
baptized 26 February 1702, Stellenbosch 3
died circa 1742, (assumed - moveble goods sold October 1742) 4
The farmsteads Misgunt on the Wageboomrivier and Uijtnood on
the Kijsersrivier are also listed as among his effects in the
inventory drawn up after his death.

He was baptised Arnoldus, but in later life was known as Arnoldus
Johannes, the second name presumably a type of patronymic to
distinguish him from his cousin Arnoldus Willems Basson.

He is not mentioned in the 1713 joint of Zacharia Visser and Andries
Krugel, where the children of each party are spelt out.

In February Arnoldus Basson brought a complaint to the Weeskamer
at the Cape, stating that he was being deprived of his due portion of
his mother's estate.

Perhaps this why is he was then listed (as a minor) in Zacharia Jansz
Visser's Inventory drawn up after her death, in April 1722. He is listed
after Lodewijk Putter and before Hendrik Kruger (sic),

Mansell Upham writes that he was banned to Batavia for his part in
the Etienne Barbier uprising (1739) and after serving his sentence, he
died on the return voyage to the Cape. Mansell provides no dates, but
a note in the published Resolutions of the Cape of Good Hope, vol .9,
gives the date of his sentence as 18 August 1740, and states that he
sailed for the Netherlands with the return fleet of 1741and his death
occurred in the following year when he was returning on the ship
'Sara Jacoba' under the assumed name of Adriaan Batters.
(22 Nov 2003 - email from Mansell Upham to GenForum)

for a note on his parentage see below#


Catharina Olivier
1708-before 1743

Johannes Cornelis


Anna Catharina

children of Arnoldus Johannes Basson and Catharina Olivier

Johannes Cornelis Basson 5 born 1727
born 1727 6
baptized 13 July 1727, Drakenstein 7

Andries Basson 8 born 1729
born 1729 9
baptized 20 November 1729, Drakenstein 10

Anna Catharina Basson 11 born 1732
born 1732 12
baptized 20 April 1732, Stellenbosch 13

Notes: ??

Swartland, marriages page 81, 1747
den 8 8br
Christiaan Hatting van Cabo de Goede Hoop burger in de vergelege districten J.M. met
Anna Catarina Basson van Cabo voorn: JD


Christiaan Hatting 14

# The parents of Arnoldus Johannes Basson

His son Andries had as baptismal witnesses
Andries Krugel and his second wife Maria Ras.
Arnoldus and his wife Catharina were witnesses
at the baptism of Arnoldus Putter, son of Lodewijk
Putter and Anna van der Swaan. A second son of
this couple, also named Arnoldus had as baptismal
witness Catharina Olivier, at that date the widow
of Arnoldus Johannes Basson.

I have therefore assumed that he was the same
Arnoldus who was baptised as the son of Johannes
Basson and Zacharia Visser, which would nicely
place the baptismal witness Andries Krugel his step
father and Lodewijk Putter his half brother.

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