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Bartholomeus Jansz Coopman
Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout
Cornelis Koopman
1691-circa 1771
Anna van de Caab
died before 1759
Jan Koopman 1
He appears as one of the team responsible for maintaining the
roads and drifts in the area 'Beyond the Olifants Rivier, from the
farm of Jacob Mouton the elder as far as [that of] Barend Lubbe
the younger' dated 1770 to 1773. (Cape Archives: 1 STB 19/133)

On 9th April 1794, he was granted a year's loan of the farm,
De Honing Valleij at Groeneberg, between the Oliphants and
the Doorn rivers. (source: Cape Archives, 1 STB 11/19, Lyst van
Nieuwe en narlaatene leening plaatzen, onder 't District van
Stellenbosch geleegen: 1794, April 9 f.813, den Bastaard Jan
Koopman, de Honing valleij aan de Groeneberg tusschen de
Oliph: en Doornreviere Expir: heiden over een jr.

The names of the children given as listed in the death notice,
1836, of his wife, Sara Klein.

married 7 February 1762 at Swartland 2

Zara Klein van de Caap
circa 1742-1836

b. c1758


Michiel Johannes

1768 -

Jacobus Bernhardus
b. c1771




Cornelia Magdalena Saggarij Dorithe


Willemina Catharina Jacoba

Johannes Stephanus

1791 -

children of Jan Koopman and Zara Klein

Abraham Koopman born circa 1758
baptized 13 October 1782, Tulbagh
 married 8 December 1782 Cape Town

Lea van Rooijen 3

Cornelis Koopman born 1764
born 1 May 1764 4
baptized 3 March 1765, Swartland 5

Michiel Johannes Koopman
baptized 1 March 1767, Swartland
 married 25 November 1787 Cape Town

Aletta Margaretha Kleijn 6 1764-circa 1822

David Koopman 1768-1842
born 22 June 1768, Honing Valleij, Clanwilliam
baptized 15 January 1769, Swartland
died 18 April 1842, Nieuweplaats, wyk Bedouw, district Clanwilliam
 married 5 November 1809 Tulbagh

Anna Maria Geertruida Kouter 7 died 1859

Jacobus Bernhardus Koopman born circa 1771
born circa 1771 8
baptized 30 September 1786, Tulbagh 9

Willem Koopman

Bard Koopman

Jan Koopman

Cornelia Magdalena Saggarij Dorithe Koopman 10 born 1785
born 12 May 1785, (year assumed) 11
baptized 26 February 1786, Swartland 12

Saartje Koopman 13 born 1787
born 8 November 1787 14
baptized 10 February 1788, Swartland 15

Willemina Catharina Jacoba Koopman
baptized 5 December 1784, Tulbagh 16

Johannes Stephanus Koopman
baptized 5 December 1784, Tulbagh 17

Gert Koopman 1791-1857
born 29 October 1791, Cedarberg
baptized 6 April 1794, Swartland
died 23 September 1857, Cedarberg
 married 5 February 1815 Tulbagh

Maria Catharina Elizabeth Kleyn 18

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