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Pierre Rousseau
circa 1666-circa 1719
Anna Retief
died circa 1710
Pieter Rossouw 1
farmer 2
of 'Boven 't Hexrivier aan De Doorens', across the RoodeSand 3
born 1703, at the Cape 4
baptized 2 September 1703, Drakenstein 5
died before 1762 6
married (1)

Sophia van der Merwe

c1727 -

married (2) 10 April 1729 at Drakenstein 10

Maria Retief
died circa 1738






married (3) 19 April 1739 at Drakenstein 25

Anna Maria de Vyver
died 1750

1743 -


children of Pieter Rossouw and Sophia van der Merwe

Pieter Rossouw 7 circa 1727-circa 1738
born circa August 1727
baptized 4 October 1727, Drakenstein 8
died circa 1738 9

Notes: According to the inventory drawn up on 15th November 1727,
after the death of Sophia van der Merwe, she left one small son aged
three months, named Pieter Russou. That this child died in early 1738
is attested by the statment in the inventory drawn up 10 May 1738 after
the death of his step mother, Maria Retief, which states her five children
had inherited from their late half brother, Pieter Russouw, according
to an act of the Weeskamer dated 21 April 1738, the sum of f808-6-9, as
recorded by the act of 21 November 1727.

Both De Viliers/Pama's Geslagregister and the current edition of South
African Genealogies, have this child as being the Pieter Rossouw who
married Martha Nortje in 1751. Mariana Olivier, by her research into the
original baptismal and estate records, has demonstrated that the Pieter
Rossouw who married Martha Nortje was the son of Gabriel Rossouw
the uncle of this child.

children of Pieter Rossouw and Maria Retief

Maria Rossouw 11 born 1730
born 1730 12
baptized 29 January 1730, Drakenstein 13

Francois Rossouw 14 born 1731
born 1731 15
baptized 9 September 1731, Drakenstein 16

Gabriel Rossouw 17 born 1733
born 1733 18
baptized 29 March 1733, Drakenstein 19

Daniel Rossouw 20 born 1735
born 1735 21
baptized 20 February 1735, Drakenstein 22

Anna Rossouw 23 born 1736
born 1736 24

children of Pieter Rossouw and Anna Maria de Vyver

Pieter Rossouw 1743-before 1762
born 1743 26
baptized 12 May 1743, Drakenstein 27
died before 1762, (assumed) 28

Elisabeth Rossouw born 1747
born 1747 29
baptized 2 October 1747, Tulbagh 30

Notes: She was mentioned as one of the heirs of her grandfather,
Willem van der Vijfver in the inventory of his estate drawn
up 9th August 1762.

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