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Pierre Rousseau 1
of De Boog van Orleans, by the Bergrivier, Drakenstein 2
born circa 1666, Main or Mer, in France 3
died circa February 1719, (assumed from date of inventory) 4
They also had a second farm in Drakenstein, called 'De Vleesbank'
according to the inventory drawn up after the death of Anna Retief,
and another piece of land in Stellenbosch of 60 morgen.

In the 1692 muster roll they are listed as having two children and by
1695 they have four children, in January 1702 they have seven.
(Muster rolls, VC 39, page 123, page 150 and VC 40, page 7). In the
inventory drawen up on 10th May 1710 after the death of Ann Retief,
it states that there were then ten living children. (MOOC 8/2, 39)

married (1)

Anna Retief
died circa 1710





1696 -




1703 -



married (2) 15 December 1710 at Stellenbosch 19

Geertruijd du Toit
circa 1690-1750


children of Pierre Rousseau and Anna Retief

Anna Rousseau born 1691
born 1691 5
baptized 8 July 1691, Stellenbosch 6

Maria Rousseau

Notes: I have not, so far, found her baptism, nor any
document listing her age, but this seems a likely area for
her birth, since she married in 1711.

Magdalena Rousseau

Notes: De Villiers / Pama gives her a marriage date
of 5.5.1714 but I cannot find this in the extant marriage
registers of the time.

Generaale Opneemrolle 31 April, 1 & 2 Mei 1716
VC 49, p. 328, Drakensteijn
Jan Louis du Plesis en Magdalena Rosseau

Aletta Rousseau

Notes: I have not, so far found a baptism or age for her, but she
appears as one of the four children of Pieter Rousseau in the inventory,
dated 3 March 1719, who had not yet received their inheritance portion
from their mother's estate. There she is listed ahead of her three brothers
Gabriel, Pieter and Daniel, probably implying that she was the eldest of the
four. Since we have no idea of when she was born she could have been
any age at this date. This allows a wide latitude for guesswork and it would
be a good idea to examine the opgaaf returns for statistics on the children.
Meanwhile I have located her in the largest space available amongst her

Elisabeth Russouw 1696-1785
born 1696, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 14 October 1696, Drakenstein
died 16 February 1785, Paarl

Pieter du Toit 7 1697-1768
farmer and Heemraad (1744)
of Palmieten Valleij, Drakenstein

Martha Russouw born 1698
born 1698 8
baptized 27 July 1698, Drakenstein 9

Pierre Russouw born 1700
born 1700 10
baptized 3 May 1700, Drakenstein 11

Gabriel Russouw born 1701
born 1701 12
baptized 14 August 1701, Drakenstein 13

Pieter Rossouw 1703-before 1762
born 1703, at the Cape
baptized 2 September 1703, Drakenstein
died before 1762
 married (1)

Sophia van der Merwe 1706-1727
 married (2) 10 April 1729 Drakenstein

Maria Retief 14 died circa 1738
 married (3) 19 April 1739 Drakenstein

Anna Maria de Vyver died 1750

Hester Russouw born 1705
born 1705 15
baptized 26 July 1705, Drakenstein 16

Daniel Russouw born 1707
born 1707 17
baptized 9 October 1707, Drakenstein 18

children of Pierre Rousseau and Geertruijd du Toit

Andries Rousseau born 1711
born 1711 20
baptized 8 November 1711, Drakenstein 21

Notes: It looks as though he must have died before
November 1720, since he is not mentioned in the will his
mother drew up with her second husband, Carel van der
Merwe on 30 November 1720.

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