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Jacob Cloeten
died 1693
Fijtje Raderotjes
died 1665
Willem Schalks van der Merwe
died 1716
Elsje Jacobs Cloeten
died circa 1702
Sophia Schalk van der Merwe 1
born 1670, at the Cape 2
baptized 2 November 1670, Cape Town 3
died after January 1736 4
There are several deeds in the Stellenbosch Notarial archives
testifying to her determination to collect money owed to her in
the face of the smallpox epidemic of 1713 which had robbed her
of her husband and two of her daughters. She wasn't going to
allow her money to go the same way!

On the 28th December 1713, Jan Sandertsz van Westerhout and
Maria Buisset testified that they remembered that, on 7th June of
that year, when Pieter and Jan Vijoen lay sick on an ox cart in front
of her door, she taxed Peter with a debt of 203 guldens asking, 'Did
you get the reminder I sent to your parents, one does not know in
the present time if it will be life or death'. He replied 'there is no
need to worry, I have acknowledged the debt with a cross in your

On 30th October 1713 Jan Jurgen Roose, at her behest, declared
that on the 21st June of that year he had been sent by the farmer
Claas Elbertsz to the widow of Willem Elbertsz, at that time lying
sick in the house of her father, Francois du Toit, to urge her to pay
to the aforementioned Claas Elbertsz the debt of 300 guldens, but
that when he had arrived at the house he found the said widow in
extremity and was unable to serve the notice as he was received
by her father, to whom he said 'I am come to your daughter about
money matters' and that F. du Toit answered him 'This is no time
for money matters, but rather for thinking of the soul and salvation'.

married (1) 12 November 1684 at Cape Town 5

Roelof Pasman
died before 1695


1691 -


b. c1695

married (2) 25 January 1696 at Stellenbosch 19

Pieter Robbertsz
Landdrost and farmer 20
of Stellenbosch 21
born Neustad, near Lubeck 22
died 1713, (before 16th October of that year) 23
buried 1713, Stellenbosch 24
will dated 2 May 1709
When he married in 1696 the marriage entry records him
as a sergent in the service of the Dutch East India Company.

In his will he mentions his sister, Trijntie Robbertsz: , living at
Gruems about one mile from Nieuwstad, near Lubeck.

There seem to have been no children born in his marriage to
Sophia van der Merwe. In the opgaaf returns for 1705, 1709
and 1712 only four daughters (no sons) are listed for them,
the four daughters being, of course, the children of her first
marriage. For more arguments see my article published in
Familia, no 3, 2006, page 75. C.C. de Villiers, in his Geslacht
Register of the 1890s, allocated them a son, Jan Robberts.
The article also suggests who his parents might in fact have

children of Sophia Schalk van der Merwe and Roelof Pasman

Margareta Pasman 6 born 1689
born 1689 7
baptized 19 August 1689, Stellenbosch 8

Claas Elberts 9 born circa 1675
farmer 10
of Stellenbosch 11
born circa 1675, at the Cape 12

Catharina Pasman 1691-1763
born 1691
baptized 27 August 1691, Stellenbosch
died 24 February 1763, Stellenbosch
 married 17 September 1713 Stellenbosch

Philip Morkel 13
constable on the returning ship 'Oosterstein'

Sibilla Pasman born 1693
baptized 9 August 1693, Stellenbosch
 married (1)

Jan Albert Laubster 14 1686-circa 1720
of Nooitgedagt, Stellenbosch
 married (2) 19 July 1722 Stellenbosch

Jacob Cloete 15

Roelofphina Pasman 16 born circa 1695
born circa September 1695 17
baptized 27 September 1695, Stellenbosch 18

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