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Willem Schalks van der Merwe 1
farmer 2
of Hout Bay, from 1677 and from about 1692, Drakenstein 3
born Broeck 4
died 12 July 1716 5
He arrived at the Cape as a bosskieter on the ship Dordrecht. This ship called
at the Cape many times but did in fact arrive at the Cape on 26th April 1661
to depart on 5th May 1661, the date on which he was granted his letter of
freedom so perhaps we can assume that he arrived on this voyage, which left
Goeree in the Netherlands on 6th December 1660. (VC39,part 3, page123 and
De VOCsite). At the end of March 1663 he petitioned the Council of Policy to
take him back into Compay service and it complied, appointing him adelborst
on a salary of 12 guldens per month. (Resolutions of the Council of Policy,
C. 2, pp. 318-330. Saterdag ultimo Meert ao. 1663

He appears on the muster rolls of Company servants until 1665 and then, from
1666 in the muster rolls of independent settlers. (Muster rolls, VC 39)

On the 23rd March 1677 the Council of Policy granted to Willem Schalck and
Pieter van de Westhuisen land at Hout Bay which they were required to farm
efficiently, and to contribute one tenth of its prouce to the Company each year.
(Resolutions of the Council of Policy, C10, pp. 89-94. Dingsdagh 23 Maart 1677)

On the 2nd February 1688 he was granted permission by the Burgerraad
(Burger Council) of the Cape to transfer from the Cape area to go to live at
Drakenstein (1 STB 15/2) and on the 7th September 1692, he was granted farm
land at Drakenstein, on the Berg River.

When precisely he moved his family there I don't yet know, but after May 1688
the baptisms of his children are no longer to be found in the Cape Town church
registers, and were presumably recorded in the (now missing) Drakenstein
church registers
. (MOOC 9/1/23, Verkoop Conditien and
1 STB 15/2, Permissions to transfer)

In her will dated 1710 his daughter, Jakomina Schalk, named her siblings then
living; her sisters as 'Feijtie, Lena, Magtelt, Elsie, Neeltie, Eula' and her brothers
as 'Schalk Willems, Pieter and Hendrik Schalk'.

On 27th June 1707 he sold up his farm on the Berg River in Drakenstein and all
his possessions, paying off all his debts. The money resulting was to be used to
maintain him for the rest of his life and also his minor children.
(MOOC 9/1/23, Verkoop Conditien, MOOC 13/1/,5, Boedelrekening)

married 9 September 1668 at Cape Town 6

Elsje Jacobs Cloeten
died circa 1702

Sophia Schalk
1670 -

Schalk Willemsz
1673 -

Marritie Willemsdr
1675 -

1678 -


1682 -

c1687 -



Magteld Willemsz
c1691 -

d. c1746

Hendrik Willemsz:

children of Willem Schalks van der Merwe and Elsje Jacobs Cloeten

Sophia Schalk van der Merwe 1670-after 1736
born 1670, at the Cape
baptized 2 November 1670, Cape Town
died after January 1736
 married (1) 12 November 1684 Cape Town

Roelof Pasman 7 died before 1695
 married (2) 25 January 1696 Stellenbosch

Pieter Robbertsz 8 died 1713
Landdrost and farmer
of Stellenbosch

Schalk Willemsz van der Merwe 1673-before 1740
born 1673
baptized 13 August 1673, Cape Town
died before 21 March 1740
 married circa June 1696

Anne Prevot 9 1681-before 1740

Marritie Willemsdr Schalk 1675-circa 1709
born 1675, at the Cape
baptized 29 December 1675, Cape Town
died circa October 1709, (estate accounts of Johannes Bocklenbergh)
 married (1) (circa 1691-1692)

Barend Burger 10 died 1705
blacksmith, farmer at Drakenstein
of Leeuwensjagt and Landeskroon, Paarl Diamant
 married (2) 24 July 1706 Cape Town

Lambert Smit 11
farmer (1706)

Jacomina Schalk 12 1678-circa 1713
born 1678, at the Cape 13
baptized 22 May 1678, Cape Town 14
died circa 1713 15

Notes: baptised as Jacoba, she first appears in the muster
rolls dated 23 January 1702 with her husband Jan Schopping,
and they continue to be listed until 1706. From this last date
she is listed as Jacominjtje and that is how she is known until
her death in 1713.

The inventory drawn up on 12th September 1713, after her
death names her heirs as her husband and her father, which
means that she left no children.

 married (1) circa 1702 (muster rolls of that year) 16

Jan Schupping died circa 1707
heemraad and farmer 17
died circa October 1707 18
will dated 6 October 1707

Notes: He is described as sick and weak of body
and confined to bed in his will dated 6th October 1707
but is stil listed in the muster roll dated 31 December of
that year. Since he and may, therefore, have died soon after that date.

 married (2) circa 1709 (assumed from muster rolls) 20

Joost Heinrich Frisch 19 born circa 1679
of de Paarl Diamant 21
born circa 1679, Munden, Hanover 22

Notes: He married again, circa 1713, Francina Bastiaansz.

Jacob van der Merwe born 1680
baptized 11 February 1680, Cape Town 23

Pieternella van der Merwe 1682-1717
born 1682
baptized 1 March 1682, Cape Town 24
died between 1717 and 1718 25

Notes: Two children of Johannes Cloeten and Petronella
Schalk were baptised at Stellenbosch on 25th September 1717.
They were named Gerrit and Petronella and the baptismal
witnesses were Hendrik van der Merwe and his wife Catharina
Cloeten, Schalk van der Merwe and Sophia van der Merwe, the
sons and daughters of Willem Schalk van der Merwe and Elsje
Jacobsz. I assume, therefore that the mother of the children
was another of their children, having her brothers and sisters
as baptismal witnesses.

I am not sure, however, that she was the Petronella who was
baptised to that couple in 1682. I thinks she may have been a
later child, since she was not admitted a member of the
Stellenbosch congregation until 1714 and did not apparently
marry until around 1716 (when that child would have been 34).
In 1710 her sister Jacomina listed her sisters thus 'Feijtie, Lena,
Magtelt, Elsie, Neeltie, Eula', which would suggest that Neeljte
was younger than Elsie. On the other hand, if 'Eula' represents
Aeltie, then Neeltie and Aaltie could have been afterthoughts,
added out of order(?)!

 married circa 1716 (assumed)

Johannes Cloeten

Aletta van der Merwe circa 1687-circa 1729
born circa 1687, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 30 April 1684, Cape Town
died circa 1729
 married (1) circa 1701 (probably at Drakenstein)

Martinus van Staden 26 circa 1677-1707
farmer (1707)
of Paarl Diamant
 married (2) 14 August 1708 Stellenbosch

Claas Jansz van Rensburg 27 circa 1661-circa 1728

Lena van der Merwe born 1686
baptized 7 April 1686, Cape Town
 married 3 December 1713 Stellenbosch

Christiaan Maasdorp

Pieter van der Merwe born 1688
baptized 16 May 1688, Cape Town 28

Notes: He appears in the Muster in
1709, 1710 and 1712 as Pieter Willemsz Schalk.

Magteld Willemsz van der Merwe 29 circa 1691-1765
born circa 1691, at the Cape 30
died February 1765, Waveren 31
 married 1708 Stellenbosch 32

Pieter Willems van Heerden circa 1682-1763
of Hase Craal, on the Berg Rivier, Drakenstein 33
born circa 1682 34
died 21 May 1763, Waveren 35

Elsie van der Merwe died circa 1746
died circa 1746
 married 1707 (or earlier - muster rolls)

Albert Lammertsz Meijburg 36 1672-circa 1749
of Drakenstein

Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe died 1762
born at the Cape
died 17 September 1762, Drakenstein
 married (1) 25 June 1717 Stellenbosch

Catharina Cloete 37 died circa 1747
 married (2) circa 1748 [assumed]

Alleta Keijser 38 died circa 1750
 married (3) circa 1751 [or later - assumed]

Maria Fick 39 died circa 1805

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