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Jacob Cloeten
died 1693
Fijtje Raderotjes
died 1665
Willem Schalks van der Merwe
died 1716
Elsje Jacobs Cloeten
died circa 1702
Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe 1
of Overveen and Bloemendaal, Drakenstein
Heemraad at Drakenstein 2
born at the Cape 3
died 17 September 1762, Drakenstein 4
will dated 3 December 1750 5
and filed 23 September 1762 6
Bloemendaal was bought from the estate of Maarten van Staden.
When the latters estate accounts were drawn up on 18th July
1718, the 3rd and last payment was still owing.

In addition to the two freehold farms, he held three loan farms,
Claas Voogds Rivier and Den Uijtvlugt, situated on and down
Koggelmans Cloof, and De Klijne Kobe in the Bokkeveld. By
1762 he had bought the freehold of Claas Voogds Rivier, and
had added another loan farm, De Klippendrift, in Stellenbosch.

The farm at Overveen was extremely well supplied with slaves,
sixteen being listed, as well as another five on the loan farms.

He was both a deacon of the Drakenstein church and one of the
heemraden for Drakenstein (1729-1731).

Cape Death Notices, page 12, 1760
Drakenst: een kindt van den oud heemraad Hend:vdmerve, gent. Maria Meij 7for a note on his parentage see below#

married (1) 25 June 1717 at Stellenbosch 7

Catharina Cloete
died circa 1747


Catharina Margaritha
1722 -

married (2) circa 1748 [assumed]

Alleta Keijser
died circa 1750

b. c1748

Aletta Sibilla
b. c1750

married (3) circa 1751 [or later - assumed]

Maria Fick
died circa 1805

Willem Hendrik
b. c1754

b. c1758

c1759 -

children of Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe and Catharina Cloete

Elsje van der Merwe born 1719
born 1719 8
baptized 19 November 1719, Drakenstein 9

Catharina Margaritha van der Merwe 1722-circa 1750
born 1722, at the Cape
baptized 1 March 1722, Drakenstein
died circa July 1750, (assumed from date of inventory)
 married 30 April 1747 Drakenstein

Albert Meijburg Albertsz: 10 1727-1756
of Cunenberg, Drakenstein

children of Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe and Alleta Keijser

Hendrik van der Merwe born circa 1748
born circa December 1748 11

Notes: He was mentioned in the inventory drawn up on
the 9th October 1762, after his father's death where his
age was given as 14 years.

Aletta Sibilla van der Merwe 12 born circa 1750
born circa June 1750 13

Notes: Tulbagh, 1769, 30 April, page 91
't kint: Francois Petrus
Vader: Schalk Willemsz van der Merwe
Moeder: Johnna Adriana Smit
Getn: Johs. Pets. Smit en Maria van Staade, Nicolaas van der
Merwe en Aletta Sibilla van der Merwe, Johan Christiaan
Hendrik Bauermeester en Sicilia van der Merwe

Tulbagh, 1774, page 28
't kint: Cicilia Maria
vader: Nicolaas van der Merwe
moeder: Aletta Sibilla van der Merwe
getn: Hendirk van der Merwe, en Maria Houman,
Carel van Heerden en Maria van der Merwe

children of Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe and Maria Fick

Willem Hendrik van der Merwe 14 born circa 1754
born circa 1754 15
will dated 1 June 1778 16
and filed 1795

Notes: He was mentioned as one of his
mother's heirs in her will dated 16 November 1785.


Hendrina van der Merwe 17

Schalk van der Merwe born circa 1758
born circa 1758 18

Notes: He was mentioned as one of his
mother's heirs in her will dated 16 November 1785.

Jacob van der Merwe circa 1759-circa 1819
born circa 1759
died circa 1819, (assumed from filing date of will)
 married (1) 14 March 1779 Drakenstein

Cicilia Maria van Heerden 19 died before 1785
 married (2) 1785 (or earlier - date of joint will)

Maartje van der Merwe 20 died circa 1836
of Bloemendal, Overveen and Het Schilpad, Drakenstein

# The parents of Hendrik Willemsz: van der Merwe

I have assumed, from the patronymic applied to his name, that he
was a son of Willem Schalks van der Merwe. He may well even be
that Hendrik Willems baptised in Drakenstein 17th August 1698,
even though the register entry says the parents were Schalk
Willems and Anna Prevot (in which case, the the register entry is
faulty). In the muster roll compiled 23 Jan 1702 Schalk Willems and
Anna Prevot are listed as having four children and, since we know
from baptismal entries and the estate accounts of 1740, who these
four were and Hendrik Willems was not one of them.

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