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Francois Bastiaansz
of Agter de Perel 1
born Armentier 2
died circa 1708 3
In the muster roll of 1671 there is a Francois Bastiaansz as
Nederlandse dienaar to Jochum Marquart and Hendrik
Barentsz farming in partnership.

On the 6th November 1691 he received permission from the
Burgerraad at Cape Town to leave the Cape District in order
to settle in Drakenstein. (1 STB 15/2, page 29)

In 1700 the opgaaf returns list this family as man and wife,
along with two sons and three daughters, no slaves, a horse,
30 cattle, 200 sheep and 12,000 vines, living in Drakenstein,
and in 1705 there are 3 sons and 3 daughters.

I have given the order of the children as presented in the
accounts of the Weeskamer for 1718 (MOOC 18/2, page 8).
Anna Liesebet is not listed there and was either no longer
alive or, as I have assumed here, is probably the same person
as Elisabeth. Jan Bastiaansz is not included in this list, and I
have placed him in what seems the logical place.

There is a child baptised 13th April 1704 in Drakenstein, but
the name of the child (originally written in as Jacobus) has
been crossed out, no replacment name included. The crossing
out looks to be genuinely of the period, since the next page
contains a similar crossing out and rewriting in the same hand
writing. De Villiers / Pama has assumed that this baptims is that
of Magdalena Bastiaans. They do not provide their reasons for
this. I have assumed that this is the baptism of Pieter Bastiaansz
(not included in De Villiers / Pama).

In the muster roll of 1712 (VC49, page 257) these person are
listed one after the other: Guddert Jansz v. Keulen & Anna Maria
Pieterse de Leeuw, Anthonij Bastiaansz, Jan Bastiaansz.

married 19 May 1686 at Cape Town 4

Anna Maria Pieterse de Leeuw


1689 -

c1692 -





children of Francois Bastiaansz and Anna Maria Pieterse de Leeuw

Christina Bastiaansz born 1687
baptized 10 August 1687, Cape Town
 married (1) circa 1702

Hendrik Gozelke died circa 1708
 married (2) 14 January 1709 Stellenbosch

Hendrik Meintjes van Den Berg died 1762

Antonij Bastiaansz 1689-circa 1713
born 1689 5
baptized 25 October 1689, Stellenbosch 6
died circa 1713, (assumed)

Notes: He was a witness at the baptism of Hendrina
Horsel, daughter of Christina Bastiaansz and Hendrik
Gozelke on 2nd December 1708 at Cape Town.

He is listed in the Muster Rolls of free settlers for the
year 1712, but not after that. In the muster roll of 1713
only his brother Jan is listed. Presumably died in the
smallpox epidemic of 1713.

Jan Bastiaanse circa 1692-1748
born circa 1692, at the Cape
died 8 June 1748
 married (1) 18 February 1714 Stellenbosch

Maria Pietersz van Dyk 7 died 1723
 married (2) between May 1723 and April 1724 Stellenbosch

Geertruijd du Toit 8 circa 1690-1750

Magdalena Bastiaansz died 1774
born at the Cape
died 1774, Waveren ?
 married 27 November 1718 Drakenstein

Jasper Raats
of Cape Town

Francina Bastiaansz 9 born 1699
born 1699 10
baptized 15 March 1699, Drakenstein 11
 married (1) 1713  13

Joost Hendrik Frits 12
 married (2) 6 November 1735 Stellenbosch 15

Mathiam Le Roux 14

Elisabeth Bastiaanse born 1702
born 1702, at the Cape
baptized 9 April 1702, Stellenbosch
 married 31 July 1719 Drakenstein

Willem van de Vijver 16 died circa 1762

Pieter Bastiaansz 17 born 1704
born 1704 18
baptized 13 April 1704, Drakenstein 19

Notes: I have made the assumption that the baptism
of 13 April 1704 in the Drakenstein registers, where no
name of the child is included, was his.

He is listed in the muster roll of 1733, VC 50, page 33, no
wife, living in Drakenstein.

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