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Jacob Cloeten
Fijtje Raderotjes
died 1665
Willem Schalks van der Merwe
died 1716
Elsje Jacobs Cloeten
died circa 1702
Aletta van der Merwe 1
born 1684, at the Cape 2
baptized 30 April 1684, Cape Town 3
died circa October 1729 4
The details for these families come from the wills of 1722 and 1758 of Maria
van Staden and from the facsimiles of the original will and estate accounts
of Aletta vd Merwe that appear on the wonderful Van Rensburg web site
created by André van Rensburg.

Admitted a member of the Stellenbosch congregation about 1700.

After her death, the Weeskamer, at their meeting of 21st November 1729,
approved the placement of her children, Elsje, Cicilia, Hendrik and Sophia
with their brother-in-law, Frans Smit, and Willem and Nicolaas with their
brother Johannes, all at no charge on the Weeskamer.
(MOOC 1/6, Weeskamer Notulen)

(1) circa 1701 (probably at Drakenstein) 5

Martinus van Staden
circa 1677-1707
farmer (1707) 6
of Paarl Diamant 7

1702 -

c1705 -


married (2) 14 August 1708 at Stellenbosch 24

Claas Jansz van Rensburg
circa 1661-circa 1728
farmer 25

1709 -

1712 -

1715 -

1717 -




children of Aletta van der Merwe and Martinus van Staden

Maria van Staden 8 1702-circa 1785
farmer 9
of Land van Waveren (?) 10
born 1702, Cape of Good Hope 11
baptized 22 January 1702, Cape Town 12
died circa 1785, (before 30th April 1785 when her will was filed) 13
will dated 1775 14
and filed 30 April 1785 15

Notes: In her will of 1764 she names a loan cattle farm situated 'beyond
the Twenty Four Rivers, across the Little Elsebos'. This would appear to
have been where she herself lived.

Later the codicil to her will made on the 25th July 1777 was signed and
dated 'on my dwelling place situated across the Four-and-Twenty Rivers,
across the Little Elsenbosch'.

On her cattle farm she had not only the house with farm buidings but a
cellar and a smithy and she owned several slaves. She mentions eight
slaves in her will of 1775 but names only three of them: a woman called
Philiela, a youth called America and a boy called Cham (they are named
on separate occasions, not as a group).

She had also two loan farms situated in the Roggeveld, 'Vogelfonteyn'
and 'Houd den Beck' as well as another, 'beyond the Oliphants River,
at Langefonteyn'.

She left the buildings on the two Roggeveld farms to her nephew, Isaac
Schalk van der Merwe. By 1825, one of these, 'Houdenbek', had passed to
one of Isaac's nephews, Willem Nicolaas van der Merwe, when it was the
setting of the slave uprising of that year.

 married 19 November 1719 Drakenstein 17

Francois Smit 16 died circa 1758
farmer (1722) 18
born Cape of Good Hope 19
died circa 1758, (before 7th September 1758 when his will was filed) 20
will dated 30 June 1722
and filed 7 September 1758 21

Marthinus van Staden circa 1705-circa 1746
born circa 1705
died circa March 1746

Catharina Botha 22 died before 1791

Marthe van Staden born 1706
baptized 27 June 1706, Drakenstein 23

children of Aletta van der Merwe and Claas Jansz

Johannes Jansz van Rensburg 26 1709-before 1775
born 1709 27
baptized 17 July 1709, Stellenbosch 28
died before 1775 29

Notes: He requested from the Weesmeesteren that he might be
permitted to buy in one of his deceased mother's farmsteads
situated over the Rodesant at the auction of her goods which
was to take place on 16th November. This was granted.
(MOOC 1/6, Weeskamer Notulen, 7th October 1729)

Elsje Jansz van Rensburg 1712-1763
born 1712
baptized 31 July 1712, Stellenbosch
died 24 September 1763
 married 12 August 1731 Drakenstein

Pieter van der Merwe died circa 1738

Cicilia Jansen 1715-1774
born 1715
baptized 21 April 1715, Drakenstein
died 20 July 1774, Waveren

Isaac van der Merwe 30 died 1777

Willem Janse van Rensburg 1717-1746
born 1717
baptized 21 November 1717, Drakenstein
died 21 July 1746, in the Bokkeveld
 married 2 July 1740 Drakenstein

Anna Sophia Burger 31 died 1801

Claas Jansz van Rensburg 32 born 1720
born 1720 33
baptized 31 March 1720, Drakenstein 34

Hendrik Jansz van Rensburg 35 born 1723
born 1723 36
baptized 12 September 1723, Drakenstein 37

Sophia Jansz van Rensburg 38 born 1725
born 1725 39
baptized 23 December 1725, Drakenstein 40

David van der Merwe 41

Notes: He is mentioned as proposed executor in the codicil to her will dated
25th July 1777 by Maria van Staden.

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