Burwell House, Burwell
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To the left of the small window on the back gable can be seen the stone plaque. I have always assumed that the initials stand for Salisbury Dunn and Edward and Ann Ball.
Burwell House - the gable and plaque at the back
Salisbury Dunn and Ann Riste were married in Isleham Church on 1st March 1786. The house may have been built for them.

The first of Edward and Ann Ball's children to be born in Burwell was Thomas Thwaites Ball, born May 17, 1822. After 1822 all Edward Ball's children were born in Burwell.

In a codicil to his will dated 21 September 1822 Salisbury Dunn stated that he had sold a property in Burwell to his son in law Edward Ball.

I assume, therefore, that Edward and Ann Dunn moved to this house sometime in 1822.

photographs by Richard Ball